Decision of the CCCPC on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform

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四、加快转变政府职能 IV. Accelerating the Transformation of Government Functions
科学的宏观调控,有效的政府治理,是发挥社会主义市场经济体制优势的内在要求。必须切实转变政府职能,深化行政体制改革,创新行政管理方式,增强政府公信力和执行力,建设法治政府和服务型政府。 Scientific macro control and effective government administration are the intrinsic requirements for exploiting the advantages of the socialist market economy system. We should transform government functions, deepen the reform of the administrative system, exercise government administration in an innovative way, increase public trust in the government and improve its competence, and build a law-based and service-oriented government.
(14)健全宏观调控体系。宏观调控的主要任务是保持经济总量平衡,促进重大经济结构协调和生产力布局优化,减缓经济周期波动影响,防范区域性、系统性风险,稳定市场预期,实现经济持续健康发展。健全以国家发展战略和规划为导向、以财政政策和货币政策为主要手段的宏观调控体系,推进宏观调控目标制定和政策手段运用机制化,加强财政政策、货币政策与产业、价格等政策手段协调配合,提高相机抉择水平,增强宏观调控前瞻性、针对性、协同性。形成参与国际宏观经济政策协调的机制,推动国际经济治理结构完善。 14. Improving the macro control system. The major tasks of macro control are to maintain balanced economic aggregates, coordinate major economic structures, optimize the distribution of the productive forces, mitigate the impact of periodic economic fluctuation, defuse regional and systematic risks, stabilize market expectations, and realize sustained and sound economic development. We should improve the macro control system guided by the national development strategy and plans mainly through fiscal and monetary policies; institutionalize the formulation of macro control objectives and the implementation of policy measures, and enhance the coordination of fiscal, monetary, industrial and pricing policies. We will improve the discretionary monetary policy and ensure that macro control is more proactive, pertinent and coordinated. We will establish a mechanism of participating in international macroeconomic policy coordination, and improve the overall global economic governance structure.
深化投资体制改革,确立企业投资主体地位。企业投资项目,除关系国家安全和生态安全、涉及全国重大生产力布局、战略性资源开发和重大公共利益等项目外,一律由企业依法依规自主决策,政府不再审批。强化节能节地节水、环境、技术、安全等市场准入标准,建立健全防范和化解产能过剩长效机制。 We will deepen the reform of the investment system, and ensure the dominant role of enterprises in investment. All enterprise investment projects, except for those concerning national security or ecological security, distribution of the major productive forces, strategic resources development and major public interests, should be decided by the enterprises independently in accordance with the law, and no longer require government approval. Market access standards will be reinforced regarding energy, land and water conservation, environment, technology, security, etc. and a long-term mechanism will be established and improved for preventing and dissipating excess production capacity.
完善发展成果考核评价体系,纠正单纯以经济增长速度评定政绩的偏向,加大资源消耗、环境损害、生态效益、产能过剩、科技创新、安全生产、新增债务等指标的权重,更加重视劳动就业、居民收入、社会保障、人民健康状况。加快建立国家统一的经济核算制度,编制全国和地方资产负债表,建立全社会房产、信用等基础数据统一平台,推进部门信息共享。 We will improve the development progress evaluation system, correct the bias of evaluating political achievements merely by the economic growth rate. We will increase the weight of other evaluation indicators such as resources consumption, environmental damage, ecological benefits, excess production capacity, sci-tech innovation, production safety and new debts, while more emphasis will be put on employment, residents' income, social security and public health. We will establish a unified national accounting system, formulate national and local balance sheets, and promote information sharing between government departments by setting up a nationwide database containing real estate and credit and other basic information.
(15)全面正确履行政府职能。进一步简政放权,深化行政审批制度改革,最大限度减少中央政府对微观事务的管理,市场机制能有效调节的经济活动,一律取消审批,对保留的行政审批事项要规范管理、提高效率;直接面向基层、量大面广、由地方管理更方便有效的经济社会事项,一律下放地方和基层管理。 15. Fully and correctly performing government functions. We will further streamline the administration and delegate more power to lower levels, deepen the reform of the system concerning matters subject to government examination and approval, and reduce the central government's administration in micro affairs to the greatest extent. We will cancel all administrative approval procedures for economic activities under the effective regulation of the market mechanism. We will manage matters that require administrative approval according to procedures and with high efficiency. We will transfer large-scale and widely-participated-in social and economic projects to local and community-level management for convenience and efficiency.
政府要加强发展战略、规划、政策、标准等制定和实施,加强市场活动监管,加强各类公共服务提供。加强中央政府宏观调控职责和能力,加强地方政府公共服务、市场监管、社会管理、环境保护等职责。推广政府购买服务,凡属事务性管理服务,原则上都要引入竞争机制,通过合同、委托等方式向社会购买。 The government will strengthen the formulation and implementation of development strategies, plans, policies and standards, enhance market activity monitoring and supply of public services. We will enhance the central government's competence in macro control, improve local government's performance in public services, market supervision, social management and environmental protection. We will promote government purchases of public services by means of contract and entrustment, and introduce a competition mechanism into general-affairs management services.
加快事业单位分类改革,加大政府购买公共服务力度,推动公办事业单位与主管部门理顺关系和去行政化,创造条件,逐步取消学校、科研院所、医院等单位的行政级别。建立事业单位法人治理结构,推进有条件的事业单位转为企业或社会组织。建立各类事业单位统一登记管理制度。 We will accelerate the reform of public institutions based on the classification of their functions, increase government purchases of public services, straighten up the relationship between public institutions and their competent administrative departments, and promote de-administration of public institutions. We will create conditions to gradually rescind the administrative ranks of schools, research institutes and hospitals. We will set up legal person governance structure for public institutions, transform qualified public institutions into enterprises or social organizations, and establish a unified registration system for the management of public institutions of all kinds.
(16)优化政府组织结构。转变政府职能必须深化机构改革。优化政府机构设置、职能配置、工作流程,完善决策权、执行权、监督权既相互制约又相互协调的行政运行机制。严格绩效管理,突出责任落实,确保权责一致。 16. Streamlining the government structure. Institutional restructuring is a must for the transformation of government functions. We will improve the government organizational structure, function composition and work procedures so that we will have a good administrative system with decision-making, executive and oversight powers checking each other and functioning in concert. We will have strict management on performance, fulfill government responsibilities, and ensure the integration of power and responsibility.
统筹党政群机构改革,理顺部门职责关系。积极稳妥实施大部门制。优化行政区划设置,有条件的地方探索推进省直接管理县(市)体制改革。严格控制机构编制,严格按规定职数配备领导干部,减少机构数量和领导职数,严格控制财政供养人员总量。推进机构编制管理科学化、规范化、法制化。 We will promote the reform of Party organs, government departments and mass organizations as a whole, and clarify their responsibilities. We will actively yet steadily advance the reform to establish larger government departments. We will improve the structure of the administrative setup and geographic administrative divisions, and experiment with placing counties and county-level cities directly under the jurisdiction of provincial governments where conditions permit. We will strictly control the size of government bodies, appoint leading officials in strict accordance with designated government positions, reduce the number of government organs and leading officials, and rigorously control the number of personnel supported by state finance. We will promote scientific and law-based management of government staffing with due procedures.

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