Decision of the CCCPC on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform

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八、加强社会主义民主政治制度建设 VIII. Strengthening Building of the Socialist Democratic System
发展社会主义民主政治,必须以保证人民当家作主为根本,坚持和完善人民代表大会制度、中国共产党领导的多党合作和政治协商制度、民族区域自治制度以及基层群众自治制度,更加注重健全民主制度、丰富民主形式,从各层次各领域扩大公民有序政治参与,充分发挥我国社会主义政治制度优越性。 To develop socialist democracy, we must ensure the position of the people as masters of the country, uphold and improve the system of people's congress, the system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC, the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and the system of community-level self-governance. We will attach greater importance to improving the system of democracy and diversifying the forms of democracy, and expand citizens' orderly political participation in all levels and fields to give full play to the strength of the socialist political system.
(27)推动人民代表大会制度与时俱进。坚持人民主体地位,推进人民代表大会制度理论和实践创新,发挥人民代表大会制度的根本政治制度作用。完善中国特色社会主义法律体系,健全立法起草、论证、协调、审议机制,提高立法质量,防止地方保护和部门利益法制化。健全“一府两院”由人大产生、对人大负责、受人大监督制度。健全人大讨论、决定重大事项制度,各级政府重大决策出台前向本级人大报告。加强人大预算决算审查监督、国有资产监督职能。落实税收法定原则。加强人大常委会同人大代表的联系,充分发挥代表作用。通过建立健全代表联络机构、网络平台等形式密切代表同人民群众联系。 27. Bringing the people's congress system in line with the times. We will uphold the position of the people as masters of the country, press ahead with innovation of the system of people's congress both in theory and practice, and give full play to the role of the system of people's congress as the country's fundamental political system. We will improve the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and perfect the system of legislative drafting, argument, coordination and review to improve the quality of legislation and prevent regional protectionism and legalization of departmental interests. We will improve the system within which people's government, people's court and people's procuratorate are elected by, responsible to and supervised by the people's congress. We will improve the system under which major issues are discussed and decided by the people's congresses, and governments at various levels report to the people's congresses at the corresponding levels before major decisions are formulated. We will reinforce the functions of the people's congress in the examination and oversight of government budgets and final accounts, and oversight of state assets. We will implement the principle of taxation legitimacy. We will increase the contacts between the Standing Committee of the NPC and the NPC deputies, and give full play to the role of deputies. Deputy liaison offices and Internet platforms will be established in people's congresses to increase deputies' contact with the people.
完善人大工作机制,通过座谈、听证、评估、公布法律草案等扩大公民有序参与立法途径,通过询问、质询、特定问题调查、备案审查等积极回应社会关切。 We will improve the working mechanism of people's congresses, widen channels for the public to participate in legislative work in an orderly manner through discussion, hearing, assessment and publicizing draft laws; actively address social concerns through inquiry, investigation of specific problems, and putting on record for examination.
(28)推进协商民主广泛多层制度化发展。协商民主是我国社会主义民主政治的特有形式和独特优势,是党的群众路线在政治领域的重要体现。在党的领导下,以经济社会发展重大问题和涉及群众切身利益的实际问题为内容,在全社会开展广泛协商,坚持协商于决策之前和决策实施之中。 28. Promoting wide, multi-tiered and institutionalized consultative democracy. Consultative democracy is a unique form and distinctive advantage of China's socialist democracy and an important embodiment of the Party's mass line in the political field. We will, under the Party's leadership, carry out extensive consultations on major issues relating to economic and social development as well as specific problems involving the people's immediate interests, and conduct consultations before and during the implementation of policy decisions.
构建程序合理、环节完整的协商民主体系,拓宽国家政权机关、政协组织、党派团体、基层组织、社会组织的协商渠道。深入开展立法协商、行政协商、民主协商、参政协商、社会协商。加强中国特色新型智库建设,建立健全决策咨询制度。 We will build a consultative democracy featuring appropriate procedures and complete segments to expand the consultation channels of the organs of state power, committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, political parties, and community-level and social organizations. We will conduct intensive consultations on issues relating to legislation, administration, democracy, political participation and social problems. We will strengthen the building of new types of think tanks with Chinese characteristics, and establish and improve the consultation system on decision-making. We will give full play to the important role of the united front in consultative democracy.
发挥统一战线在协商民主中的重要作用。完善中国共产党同各民主党派的政治协商,认真听取各民主党派和无党派人士意见。中共中央根据年度工作重点提出规划,采取协商会、谈心会、座谈会等进行协商。完善民主党派中央直接向中共中央提出建议制度。贯彻党的民族政策,保障少数民族合法权益,巩固和发展平等团结互助和谐的社会主义民族关系。 We will improve the political consultation between the CPC and non-communist parties, and listen to the suggestions of the latter parties and public figures without party affiliation. Based on the annual work priorities, the CPC Central Committee will draw up a yearly plan on which consultations will be conducted through conferences, heart-to-heart talks and symposiums. We will improve the system in which the central committees of non-communist parties make proposals directly to the CPC Central Committee. We will implement the Party's ethnic policies to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities, and consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony.
发挥人民政协作为协商民主重要渠道作用。重点推进政治协商、民主监督、参政议政制度化、规范化、程序化。各级党委和政府、政协制定并组织实施协商年度工作计划,就一些重要决策听取政协意见。完善人民政协制度体系,规范协商内容、协商程序。拓展协商民主形式,更加活跃有序地组织专题协商、对口协商、界别协商、提案办理协商,增加协商密度,提高协商成效。在政协健全委员联络机构,完善委员联络制度。 We will make the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference serve as a major channel for conducting consultative democracy, focusing efforts on making political consultation, democratic oversight, and participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs institutionalized, standardized and procedure-based. Party committees, governments and the CPPCC at all levels will formulate annual work plans and have consultations on these plans, soliciting suggestions from the CPPCC on major decisions. We will improve the system of the CPPCC, specifying the contents and procedures for consultation. We will diversify the forms of consultative democracy, and more actively carry out consultations on particular topics, and with specialists and representatives from all sectors of society, and with the relevant government departments on the handling of proposals, to improve the intensity and effectiveness of the consultations. We will improve the contact system of CPPCC members by setting up and improving the liaison offices.
(29)发展基层民主。畅通民主渠道,健全基层选举、议事、公开、述职、问责等机制。开展形式多样的基层民主协商,推进基层协商制度化,建立健全居民、村民监督机制,促进群众在城乡社区治理、基层公共事务和公益事业中依法自我管理、自我服务、自我教育、自我监督。健全以职工代表大会为基本形式的企事业单位民主管理制度,加强社会组织民主机制建设,保障职工参与管理和监督的民主权利。 29. Giving full play to democracy at the community level. We will open wider the channels for democracy and improve the system of community-level election, political discussion, information disclosure, duty reporting and accountability. We will exercise community-level consultative democracy in various forms and make it institutional. We will establish and improve supervision by urban residents and villagers, encouraging them to conduct self-management, self-service, self-education and self-oversight in exercising urban and rural community governance, in managing community-level public affairs and in running public service programs. We will improve the democratic management system in enterprises and public institutions with workers and employees' congress as its basic form, strengthen the building of the democratic mechanism in social organizations, and ensure employees' democratic rights in participating in management and supervision.

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