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Wisdom of life through martial arts
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The rich philosophical ideas in Taiji deal with balance between Yin and Yang, compatibility of strong and soft, the complementarity of the dynamic and static, and harmony between human beings and nature, which make Taiji not only a martial arts theory, but also a store of profound wisdom of life. With this wisdom, man can judge the external world sensibly, and improve the internal world beneficially.

Kung Fu

For centuries, Wudang Kung Fu has respected Zhang Sanfeng as a flagbearer, deriving various schools from one origin. With development through many succeeding generations, Wudang Boxing has become an important genre among Chinese martial arts, enjoying good reputation both at home and abroad, with a long and profound influence.

Because of his enormous contributions, Zhang Sanfeng is greatly respected by people. Wudang Taiji interprets the collective wisdom of the Chinese nation and spreads oriental philosophy and esthetic sense in the practice of internal Kung Fu and cultivation of the body and mind.

Through its merits of practicing skills and maintaining health, the Taiji culture draws worldwide attention and enjoyment.

Flight services linking Wudang Mountain (Xiangfan Airport) and other airports in China. Note: It takes 90 minutes to travel from Xiangfan to Wudang Mountain. 

(CRIENGLISH.com August 14, 2008)

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