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APEC Policy Research Center Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

APEC Policy Research Center(APRC) established in 1995. It is a research institution run by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) whose aim is mainly at providing policy recommendations to Chinese government through its research. With fellows from different research institutions, it functions as a central body organizing and coordinating the studies on APEC both inside and outside Academy through seminars, research projects and publications. It also plays an active role in not only furthering the understandings of Chinese people on APEC development, but also strengthening exchanges and cooperation among APEC economies.

1.To organize and coordinate the studies on APEC, both inside and outside the Academy, through research projects, seminars, conferences, and exchange programs.
2.To introduce APEC to Chinese people through publishing books, journals and other kinds of materials either by the center itself, or through international cooperations.
3.To carry out international exchanges through inviting scholars,organizing conferences and seminars, as well as jointresearch programs.
4.To collect and process information and data on APEC.

Advisory Board:
Teng Teng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Gu Yuanyang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Li Mingde, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Pei Changhong, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Wang Yusheng, Former Senior Offical of APEC
He Ning, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Zhao Gongda, Member of EPG, APEC
Chen Luzhi, Chinese National Committee of PECC
Chen Wenjing, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation
Zhang Yunling, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

APEC Policy Research Center
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
3 Zhangzizong Rd., Beijing , China 100007

APEC Center, Nankai University,Tianjin


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