Preschool Education 

China develops its preschool education in various ways, by mobilizing the resources of the whole society. While local governments run kindergartens, work units, social organizations and individuals are also encouraged to open kindergartens. Kindergartens apply the principle of combining child care with education, and ensure that the infants achieve all-round physical, intellectual, moral and aesthetic development, providing them with a harmonious coordination of body and mind. With play as the basic form of activity, kindergartens create a good environment for learning and provide the infants with opportunities and conditions to exercise and display their abilities.

The state has worked out a qualification and examination system for kindergarten teachers. At present, there are 67 kindergarten teachers’ schools in China, and the infant education as an area of study in vocational high schools is considerably well developed. The Regulations on the Administration of Kindergartens, the Regulations on the Kindergarten Work, and other laws and regulations issued by the state have put kindergartens on the road to systematized scientific development.

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