Social Security 

In China social security takes the forms of social insurance, welfare, relief and services. Under the planned economy, the coverage of Chinese social security was very small. But since the reform of the urban economic system in 1984, the reform of the social security system with old-age insurance as the mainstay has been carried out step by step. Regarding old-age insurance, China has actively promoted and perfected the method of combining social overall planning with individual accounts, and

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set up a unified basic old-age insurance system for staff and workers of enterprises. At the end of 1999, 94.33 million staff and workers and 29 million refired staff and workers of state-owned enterprises were covered by basic old-age insurance. So far, 99.12 million people have joined unemployment insurance schemes; 21 million staff and workers and retired staff and workers are covered by the program for medical treatment for serious diseases; and some regions have started reforms of the basic medical insurance system. Ninety-three percent of laid-off staff and workers of state-owned enterprises were registered at reemployment service centers and 90 percent of them obtained basic living expenses.The social welfare services have developed steadily. At the end of 1999, various welfare centers in China had 1.08 million beds, accommodating 810,000 people. The various types of neighborhood service facilities established in cities and towns totaled 180,000; and 5.257 million low-income people throughout the country received living expenses guarantees.

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