Foreign Economic and
Technological Cooperation

Since the 1950s, China has provided economic aid to developing countries. Since the adoption of the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, China has quickened its pace of foreign aid, involving agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, light industry, textiles, food, power, machinery, chemicals, transportation, culture, education, public health and public utility projects. Some of them are large and medium-sized, while others are small projects featuring less investment, but quick and high economic returns. By 1999, China had aided more than 130 countries and regions, and completed 1,500 foreign-aid projects.

Contracted projects and labor service cooperation with foreign countries are brand-new undertakings developed since the initiation of reform and opening to the outside world. To date, China has such undertakings in 187 countries and regions. In 1999, the contracted capital agreed to in newly signed contracts for overseas engineering projects or labor services reached 13 billion US dollars-worth; completed turnover amounted to 11.2 billion US dollars-worth; and more than 380,000 laborers had been sent abroad.

China has also made initial progress in making investments abroad. China has more than 160 foreign investment markets, and 5,793 investment enterprises outside Chinese territory. China’s total agreed investments have come to 6.5 billion US dollars-worth. These overseas investment enterprises are engaged in a wide range of businesses, including foreign trade, real estate investment, information consultancy, finance, insurance, catering, tourism, contracting for labor services, culture, education, public health and technology development.

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