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Gene Ettison, Gene@brothers.com
I believe this comment to be true. However this comes as too little, too late. The United States has always had a "nasty little habit" of sticking it's nose where it don't belong, all in the ungodly name of "Foreign Policy". This "habit" has cost the lives of countless thousands of Americans as well as casualties from other nations! The United States, once again, had no business whatsoever in, near or about Chinese airspace, but this incident will no more deter the US in it's quest for world supremacy than did the Vietnam "Conflict", the Grenada "Incident" or the Gulf "War". It's always been my personal opinion that one should take care of his or her own yard before digging around in someone else's. Unfortunately, my country doesn't share this opinion. So, before you retort with the usual, "Love it or leave it!" rhetoric, let me emphasize just one other tidbit of information: When my house gets dirty, I don't leave it, I help clean it up! So should you!

Cary Wan, hkcary@hongkong.com
To certain groups in the US, internationalization means Americanization and US law means international law.

How would the US President react if a Chinese plane were to fly near Florida to gather intelligence on its military capabilities to intimate Cuba and other states in the Americas and crashes?

The incident also happened so soon after the US navy incident near Hawaii, which angered the Japanese people.

All people who value freedom should not fall into the US agenda to divide and rule the world by playing one against the other. In particular, Japan should not fall into the US trap of being the preferred partner of the US in Asia and Taiwanese should come to a workable relationship across the Straits so that all the Chinese people can focus on economic development and to create a strong, unified and prosperous China of which not only all Chinese can be proud of, but also people of other nationalities

bamboos, bam119@163.net

yes, US should bear full responsibilities. I live in Hanna island, a beautiful island. I love peace, I hate military planes land our island without our admission.

Dr Alec T. Wortley, electracatch@btinternet.com
Dear Sir,

Perhaps the new American Administration will learn a valuable

lesson from the incident, which occurred at the weekend. Their spy plane is now in the

hands of China and I can see no reason why the Chinese military should not grasp the

opportunity to take a close look at the plane. No doubt they will also wish to politely ask

the crew of 24 what they were doing flying in Chinese Airspace without approval. The

position of the USA plane when the accident occurred was strategically close to the

Chinese island of Taiwan over the South China Sea. No doubt the U.S.A. will say that

this was an accident, and that this is a good part of the world for testing electronic

equipment, being so close to Taiwan.

Following the mistake of the American involvement in Viet Nam,

where the victory of the Viet Cong was celebrated recently in Hanoi, the U.S.A. would in

my opinion be well advised to keep out of domestic matters relating to Chinese territory.

The situation between Beijing and the Chinese island of Taiwan is the business only of

the Chinese Government and the politicians in Taiwan. The U.S.A. has enough domestic

problems to keep it occupied and if they wish to take on the role of world savior they

would be well advised to concentrate on peaceful activities such as taking a pro active

role in the formation of an international agreement on CO2 emissions. In this area the

U.S.A. has shown its true international colors by refusing to take any significant part in

helping to save the planet earth by reducing these damaging emissions

Yours faithfully

Alec Worley

Miguel Pessoa, Miggymike@aol.com
How would you feel if a neighbor kept peeking through your front door keyhole or routinely walked around the threshold of your property? Granted, you have anything to hide and your neighbor is not breaking the law, but that kind of invasion in your privacy would surely annoy you.

If one day you decide to abruptly open the door and your neighbor gets a broken nose, he, not you needs to apologize and quietly withdraw from his intruding activities.

Mark Reuber, mar@iastate.edu
I certainly don't like this situation at all. I want China and the U.S. to avoid being adversaries. I don't know, and can't know, all the reasons behind the U.S eavesdropping with spy planes. However, they are in international waters when they do this so it isn't necessarily illegal. If the collision was caused by a more nibble Chinese jet, then the responsibility doesn't necessarily fall on the U.S. Who flew into whom ?

Hopefully, something good will come of this situation. I also hope that the Chinese pilot has been found and is not seriously hurt.

yanliang, yanliangboy@163.com
I think we should develop our country much quicker. That’s the basic of our homeland stand on the stage of the world .our Chinese not the coward nation. if America does that thing .it will be under all people that love peace stress. people will be looked upon America forever. I think UN should ban America for it.

k.lanigan, lano1@postmaster.co.uk

I hope that the Chinese President has the wisdom to reliase that for his country to become involved in a long protracted "debate" with the US falls into the hands of Mr. Bush. For in my option Bush needs all the help he can get to detract the world from his poor leadership and the fact that his power base is large multi-national company who have bank rolled his election.

So let him of the hook and watch him make a mess of his country all by himself.

But let him sweat it out a bit longer!!

Ken from Ireland

Robert Huberman, huberman@yahoo.com
US Pacific Command Admiral Dennis Blair said the tragic collision happened as a result of Chinese pilot's ''aggressive'' tactics, I think his mouth is stuffed with sh*t. Chinese pilots could have been staying at home if the spy plane from the country on the other side of the Pacific did not show up near China's southern airspace. Damn Blair!

US President George W Bush said after consulting with his top security staff that China should grant US immediate access to the spy plane crew, but did not utter a word about the missing Chinese pilot and his family. How arrogant this guy is! Are the lives of US citizens more valuable? Damn bush!

US state department spokesman said that the US spy plane landed in China's Hainan Province is US territory, and cannot be visited and investigated. What a joke! How the US territory moved onto Chinese island? or the province is China's or America's at all! Imagine a Chinese military plane, spying near Hawaii isles, collided with a chasing US fighter, and landed without permission on Maoi Island, will US side do nothing with the Chinese plane, and let it go! NO WAY!

So, even if China let go the 24 spymasters and crewmembers, it has no reason to release the spy plane!

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