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Gene Center Offers Hope for Separated Families
Drug Approval Controls Tightened
Jailed with HIV -- a Struggle Against Despair
Nation Hosts First-ever Epilepsy Day
Belgian Princess Participates in Planting Ceremony
Voluntary Blood Donors Honored
Rural Cooperative Healthcare Network Planed
AIDS Awareness Campaigns in Chinese Campuses
Pollution Makes Cancer the Top Killer
RCSC Begins Campaign to Give Rural Poor Free Medical
Expectant Mothers Take Big Risks
Prevention of Dengue Strengthened During Week-long Holiday
Nationwide Activity to Build up Health
Project to Help Prepare for Flu Pandemics
HIV/AIDS Victims in Henan Get Free TCM Treatment
China to Send WHO H5N1 Virus Samples
Fashion Competition for Would-be Mothers
Prices of 188 Traditional Medicines Will Be Cut
Siemens Kicks Off 10-Million-Dollar Rural Healthcare Project in China
Schools Most Vulnerable to Health Scares
Regulation on Organ Transplants Issued
Plans to Improve Care for Prisoners with AIDS
China Development Forum Kicks off
Think Tank Shows Concern over Medicare System
UNICEF Aid for Gansu Children
One-child Policy Desired by Younger Parents
China Launches Drug Safety Technology Campaign
China Opens 206 New Methadone Clinics in Anti-AIDS Effort
New Medical Technology to Be Developed for Quicker Disease Diagnosis
NGOs Take Lead in Providing Treatment to Autism
143 Students in Sichuan Province Suffer Diarrhea After Lunch
Low Income Groups Given Free Medication in Shanghai
China Issues Alerts for Dengue Fever as Peak Season Continues
China's Failing Health Care System Searching for Remedy
Nation on Alert Against Bird Flu Outbreak
Cleft-lipped Kids Regain Smile with Help of Charities
New Outbreak of Bird Flu Reported
For the Poor, Special Treatment
Another 2,000 Villagers to Take Blood Lead Level Test in NW China
Team to Tackle Healthcare Woes
Rural Medical System Covers Nearly Half of Farmers
China Requires Epidemics to Be Reported Within 2 Hours
400 Volunteers Needed for 2nd Trial of Bird Flu Vaccine
Human Bird Flu Vaccine Tests Safe, Effective
Shaanxi Chemical Spill Threatens Water Supply for 100,000
Government-run Internet Forum Helps Prevent AIDS Among Homosexuals
UK Backs China's Anti-AIDS Fight
Substantial Funds Allocated for Free AIDS Treatment
65 Encephalitis B Cases Reported in Yuncheng
New SARS Vaccine Ready for Further Clinical Tests
New Human Case of Bird Flu Confirmed
China's Action on AIDS Attracts Praise
Infectious Disease Outbreaks Reported
AIDS Drugs for Children Urged
Beijing Terry Fox Charity Race to Run Next Month
China to Subsidize Community Health Services in C&W Regions
AIDS Orphan Camp Opens in Beijing
China Encourages Methadone Replacement Therapy to Prevent Spread of AIDS
China Should Learn Lesson from Belatedly Confirmed Bird Flu Death
Tuberculosis Cases in E China Rise to 32
Household-based Health Interventions Can Reduce Flu Pandemic Attack
Rural Medicare Covers All in Shanghai
TB Outbreak Confines 3,000 Staff and Students
China's Latest Bird Flu Patient Leaves Hospital
Project Hope Launches Hospital Program in Henan
Hepatitis B Campaign Seen Making Progress
Gates Donates US$287 Mln for AIDS Vaccine Research
Beijing Court Fines Newspaper for Revealing AIDS Orphan's Privacy
New Bird Flu Case in N. China Under Control: Ministry
Leukaemia Sufferer Gets Renewed Hope
China Sets up Mechanism to Fight Climate-related Health Emergencies
New Case of Foot-and-mouth Disease Reported in NW China
Tests to Confirm Possible 2003 Bird Flu Death
Global Fund to Give China US$121 Mln for Disease Control
Greater Efforts Needed in AIDS Control
Shenyang Promises to Clean up Derelict Industrial Site
Bird Flu Controlled in NW China
Project Seeks Alternative Cures for Diseases
Medical Scheme Benefits Farmers in Shaanxi
HK Hospital Authority to Adopt New Alert System for Flu Pandemic

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Developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, according to a document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.
Eighteen children pose for a picture at a village in Ziyun Miao and Buyi Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, January 22. Among them, twelve children's parents left the village to work in big cities in coastal areas.
Chinese farmers saw their net incomes grow to 3,587 yuan ($460) last year, representing the third consecutive year of 6 percent year-on-year growth.
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