Visits Limit Planned in Jiuzhaigou

Natural resort Jiuzhaigou in west China's Sichuan Province will become the first scenic spot in China that enforces a limit on the number of tourists visiting,Youth Daily reported today.

The forest park,regarded as a "fairy land"because of its unique natural scenery,was placed on UNESCO's World Heritage list in 1992.

From July 1,a maximum of 12,000 tourists will be allowed to enter the resort every day,officials with the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Administration Bureau said.

Officials said this was hoped to help better protect the heritage site from being damaged by human beings.

The regulation will be in force on holidays,officials said,mainly the two week-long holidays for Labor Day and National Day.

The spot receives some thousands of visitors on a normal day,but a much larger number during the holidays.More than 30,000 tourists visited the spot during this year's Labor Day holiday.

It was still unknown if there will be a ticket price rise resulting from a visitors cut,as the price can only be decided by the National Price Bureau,officials said.

Local officials are now drafting a ticket booking system for the convenience of tourists.

During future holidays,the Jiuzhaigou authorities will make public announcements through media of the ticket booking conditions.People will know in time if a visit to the spot is still possible,officials said.

( 06/26/2001)

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