China to Promote IT Among Schools

The Chinese government will spend five to ten years, starting from 2001, for promoting IT education among primary and middle schools including vocational and technical schools.

This was disclosed at the on-going Expert Meeting of the 4th Ministerial Review Meeting on Education for All of the Nine High-Population Countries, which was opened in Beijing Tuesday morning.

The subject of IT will be made compulsory throughout the country, and by the year 2005, IT education will become a compulsory course in all the middle schools, and the primary schools in cities and other developed areas.

The coverage will be expanded to over 90 percent of schools nation-wide as soon as possible.

Moreover, taking into consideration local conditions, different methods will be explored to make the Internet accessible to all primary and middles schools.

Before 2010, some 90 percent of the countries' primary and middle schools will gain access to the Internet and broadband net; and for the remaining 10 percent, multi-media teaching facilities and other resources will be made available.

The Chinese government will also make efforts to integrate IT and other subjects.

The study and application IT should be integrated with the development of educational concepts, and IT should be applied to the improvement of the educational system, content and methods.

Meanwhile, teachers will try to apply IT in teaching other subjects as much as possible, and IT should be employed in students' studying and in the creating process.

IT will also give full play to long-distance education and new information and communication technologies so as to meet the evolving needs of the social and economic development, promote the training of practical skills and accelerate the national development of education.

To achieve the goal, the Chinese government has worked out a guiding principle stressing rational planning and all-round promotion, which are tailored to the needs of different localities and with a focus on effectiveness.

(Xinhua News Agency 08/21/2001)

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