Primary Schools to Go Online

China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) has planned to extend online education to 8,000 primary schools set up by the Project Hope within three years by way of building websites and multi-media classrooms.

Chinese government has decided to enable about 90 percent middle and primary schools nationwide to share online education resources in the coming five to ten years.

In view of the necessity and urgency for speeding up the construction of online education in the backward areas, CYDF has worked out the aforesaid plan to provide more opportunities for youngsters in those less developed areas.

Founder Computer, a forceful IT company, has donated 2 million yuan for the project.

It is essential to bridge the "digital gap" between the developed and the remote frontier areas and the company will make more efforts in China's education informationization process, Founder says.

(People's Daily 07/04/2001)

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