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· Explore extending weather forecast 10-30 days ahead
· 'Paradise' helps white swans survive the winter
· Snow havoc leaves destruction in southern forests
· China calls for adherence to Kyoto Protocol
· China warned of severe sandstorms, droughts
· Shanghai Maritime official calls for funding
· Power suppliers given deadline
· How to handle an invasive species? Eat it
· Three Gorges Dam continues to suffer water woes
· NW China farmers take advantage of snow
· Plan in place to tackle pollution in dam area
· China zoo animals 'go digital'
· Gigantic dam's environment to be protected adequately
· China experiences coldest winter in 2 decades
· Over 40% of rural areas' drinking water unhealthy

· Chinese garden opens to public in Los Angeles
· Massive search for missing migratory birds
· Meteorologists ill-equipped to forecast bad weather
· Winter weather hits 11.87m hectares of crops
· DNA sampling used to save tigers
· Strong gales damage hundreds of homes in Yunnan
· Snow-affected areas start reconstruction
· China's biggest seashell center opens
· Efforts needed on 'green credit policy'
· Online wild animal trade targeted
· Coal firm produces more to ease energy shortage
· China urges substantive talks on Bali roadmap
· Provinces sign up to Games clean air pledge
· Beijing seeks smoke-free Olympics
· Brilliant future seen for nuclear power

· China promotes water conservation
· 10% of forest resources lost to snow damage
· Migrant birds suffering on snow-bound wetlands
· Heavy snow may help reforest the desert
· Air Force actively engaged in winter disaster relief
· Snowmelt could mean new round of disasters: meteorologists
· Draft standards issued on plastic bags
· Localities urged to be alert to animal epidemics
· Chinese donate 1 bln yuan to snow disaster areas
· UN praises China's swift response to snow disaster
· Snow-hit central China bid farewell to darkness
· Tiger picture controversy elicts no comment apology
· Persisting freakish weather 'unexpected'
· Heavy fog adds to traffic woes
· Tanks used to deice storm-affected highways

· Saying farewell to the GDP growth cult
· In sight: small fire that causes lots of smoke
· Snow ravage causes US$2.25b loss in forestry sector
· Beijing closes 10 industrial polluters
· White-colored blue fox turns up in Zhejiang
· Ministry warns of spread of fruit diseases
· Severe winter weather may persist for another week
· La Nina, atmospheric circulation blamed for snow disaster
· New snow set to cause further havoc on roads
· Guangdong gets ready for seasonal salt tide
· China, Germany seek green energy cooperation
· Healthy wetlands for healthy people
· Storm linked to sea surface temperature
· Frozen section of Yellow River extends further
· Permanent monitoring station to safeguard Tibetan antelopes

· Forest officials hope birds will bring balance
· Winter storm to continue: forecaster
· Beautiful frost on Jinggang Mountain
· China confirms new bird flu case in Tibet
· Cities join WWF to cut carbon use
· Country battles fierce weather
· Rare white dolphin's visit is short-lived
· Coal shortages cut more power plants in China
· Heavy snow piles on the agony
· Conservationists use poll to back tiger trade ban
· Green measures emphasized in development
· Island banks on 76 major projects
· Yellow River water diverted to major lake ahead of Olympics
· China forecasts to suffer more from heavy snow
· Deserts shrinks, erosion risk lingers

May 15-17, Shanghai Women's Forum Asia
Dec. 12-13 Beijing China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
Nov. 27-28 Beijing China-EU Summit

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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