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Compulsory Peking Opera course questioned
China's latest effort to promote traditional culture among its younger generation has raised controversy in a nation where diverse opinions and options are gaining a grudging respect.
Full Story
- Hamlet meets Peking Opera
- Taiyuan celebrate Lantern Festival
- Pilot projects to teach kids Peking Opera
- Writers depict heros fighting snow disaster
- Crossing the bridge of trumps and tricks
- The marks of a masterpiece
On Stage
- 'Stuffy' NY philharmonic plays new tune
- Hamlet meets Peking Opera
- 'Stuffy' NY Philharmonic plays new tune
- Old operas lighten Lantern Festival
- Love's dark side: Money and betrayal
- HK Arts Festival opens with Swan Lake
In Galleries
- Four city museums to offer free entry in March
- China's biggest seashell center opens
- Picasso exhibitions at Madrid's Reina Sofia museum
- Museum of mah-jong and tea culture to open in Chengdu
- China mugs: Porcelain and people
- Buddha belly
Bridging two worlds
Written on the desk of Sidney Shapiro is the Italian phrase "traduttore e tradittore" - "the translator is a traitor". For this US-born translator of some of China's most important literary classics, it would be more accurate to say: "The translator is the story".
New dinosaur species identified in Zhejiang
Chinese and Japanese scientists have confirmed a dinosaur fossil unearthed in eastern China's Zhejiang Province in September was a new species of the animal.
- Sunken merchant boat raised from the sea
- Mammoth skull fossil discovered in NE China
- China renews salvage of 800-year-old ship
Culture Eternal
International Gallery Expo
A+A Art Exhibition 2007
798 Arts District
Hidden Beauty of Panjiayuan
International Forum on the Daodejing
News | Gallery| About the Forum | Video...
Experience China in South Africa
News | Arts & Crafts | Photography Exhibition...
Zheng He: 600 Years On
News | Gallery | Voyages Chronicle | Voyages Illustration ...
Three Gorges: Journey Through Time
New Discoveries | China's Atlantis | The Lost Tribe ...
Famous Bells in China
A Brief History  | Casting Demonstration | Bell Culture...
Heritages Preservation in China
Yin Ruins | The Historic Center of Macao ...
Historical Wonders of Sanxingdui
News | Main Events | Pictures Show | Sanxingdui Remains ...
Beijing's Museums & Galleries
The National Museum of ChinaThe Palace Museum ...
View of a Life in China
Encomiums | Profile | Photo Album ...
Ancient Tombs and Mausoleums
Mausoleums of the Yellow Emperor | Yao Mausoleum...
Spotlight on...
- Exclusive videos: Teaching the Qigong way
Qigong, known as an important component of traditional Chinese culture, originated in ancient China and its functions vary in different traditional Chinese cultural schools. herein has exclusively unveiled 22 videos to teach any interested party how to practice the four healthy Qigong exercises.
- Qigong masters promote cultural treasure in NY
- Qigong: a good way to promote Chinese culture
- Britain celebrates Chinese New Year with CHINA NOW launch
Kicking off with spectacular firework displays, colorful street parades, Shaolin martial arts performances and 175 feet long Dragon dances, CHINA NOW's nationwide Chinese New Year celebrations witnesses the UK entering into a Chinese culture craze.
- Exclusive: China Now to portray modern China
- It's time for 'China Now' in UK
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- Madame White Snake
- The Red Maid
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