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· Scientists claim to clone monkey embryos
· Eating for better balance
· A little wine, sunlight help boost women's health
· Children in poor areas more likely to suffer obesity
· Stem cell for possible child bone cancer treatment found
· A pint of beer is better than water after a workout
· The beauty of tradition
· Research finds onions cut heart disease risk
· Study reveals new gene linked to lung cancer
· Radio engineer invents cancer-fighting machine
· Overindulging in Sichuan cuisine may harm your health
· 13% of healthy adult brains abnormal! Is yours?
· Smoking doesn't keep fat off
· Campaign lights up dangers of smoking
· Urban and rural health gaps to be addressed

· Eating less isn't the only way to get slimmer
· Children's sleep needs vary widely
· Official: OTC medicines mustn't contain banned drugs
· Study: teen smokers more apt to alcohol, drug abuse
· Well-educated develops dementia later in life, but lose memory faster
· Less junk food found in US schools
· Modern life blamed for obesity
· Exposure to sunlight may decrease risk of advanced breast cancer
· Parents use religion to avoid vaccines
· US school staph infections spark precautions
· Britain sets up two new Bluetongue control zones
· Doctors prepare children for free spinal surgery
· Home spray cleaners could lead to asthma
· China to reduce occurrence of nearsightedness among children
· FDA to investigate U.S.-made leaded lipsticks

· Belly fat, weight cycling ups kidney cancer risk
· Health Express brings light to cataract victims
· Watching your back
· Survey launched for urbanites joyfulness index
· Folic acid lowers blood arsenic levels
· Half Chinese youth are myopic, expert warns
· Life can be sweeter without sugar
· Watchdog denies report about exporting iffy crabs to Taiwan
· Depression, the hidden plague, haunts hospitals
· Celebrating the meat-free diet
· 7.75 kg baby born in Russia
· Moderate drinking can improve memory
· What to drink after hard workout? Chocolate milk
· China denies spreading pig disease to neighbors
· Scientists Create Device to Detect H5N1

· UK's bluetongue case same as N Europe's
· 1
· Chinese elder people suffer cataract
· Take a black mud bath and be healthy
· Mentally ill missing out
· Study Sees Rise in Men Not Washing Hands
· China Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak in Guangzhou
· ID Number for Beijing's Water Coolers
· ID Number for Beijing's Water Coolers
· Less Patch-Wearing Time OK For Kids' Lazy Eye Correction
· 1M Babies with Deformities Born a Year
· Shanghai People Getting Bigger
· Take Care of Your Health for Fall
· Take Care of Your Health for Fall
· An Unhealthy Obsession with Color of Skin

· Hair Care Tips to Share
· Double Dose of Hope
· Promote AIDS Prevention Education in Youth
· China to Put Narcotics Under Real-time Monitor
· Mayors Experience Shadowboxing
· 90% of White Collars Complain about Lunch Food
· Private-run Old Age Homes Booming in China
· Charity Helps Children with Cleft Lips and Palates
· Residents Receives Free Health Care Knowledge
· Father: I Sell Smiles, for My Ill Son
· Youngsters Lack Sex Education
· Aquatic Yoga Welcomed in Cities
· Foreigners Learning Chinese Medicine
· City Surgeons Come in Handy
· Baby Talk

May 15-17, Shanghai Women's Forum Asia
Dec. 12-13 Beijing China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
Nov. 27-28 Beijing China-EU Summit

Let the good times roll
A half-day visit to Xijiang for the Miao tribe's "New Year" celebrations is well worth the effort, especially if you enjoy feasts.
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