Eight Million Farmers out of Poverty

China has lifted eight million poor farmers out of poverty this year, according to latest statistics from the State Council’s Leading Group on Poverty Reduction.

By the end of this year, China still has 26 million poverty-stricken farmers.

Although China suffered from a severe drought this year, the Chinese government made great achievements in eliminating poverty. Funds invested in the sector have been increasing on a yearly basis and this year’s investment reached 24.8 billion yuan, up from 1995’s 9.85 billion yuan.

Poverty-stricken areas are listed high on the plans when the country build infrastructure projects to protect ecology and develop resources.

Over the past five years, more than 40 million poor farmers have bid farewell to poverty, according to statistics.

An official from the United Nations Development Program noted that China’s efforts have proven to be effective in eradicating poverty.

(Xinhua 12/26/2000)

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