Strong Police Force in Demand

China needs a strong police force to ensure political and social stability, said Jia Chunwang, minister of Public Security in Beijing Sunday.

Jia made the remark at the opening ceremony of a four-day national contest for the country's patrol and riot police officers.

Wei Jianxing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, attended the ceremony.

"The contest aims to improve the professional skills of patrol and riot policemen and strengthen the combat effectiveness of grassroots police units," Jia said.

According to the minister, although China's patrol and riot police units have played an important role in cracking down on various types of crime and maintaining social stability since their establishment about ten years ago, they are still inexperienced in many aspects.

Hence, the ministry had ordered patrol and riot police units at various levels to conduct a three year comprehensive training program. The ministry hopes to establish a patrol and riot policemen databank from the contest.

The contest consists of twelve subjects in six categories, including shooting, tearbomb-throwing, armed field-crossing, dressed swimming, climbing and academics.

(Xinhua 10/08/2000)

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