Ten Most Outstanding Women Selected

China's first female masters student Zhang Ke majored in combat command from the People's Liberation Army with other nine women were awarded as the ten most outstanding women.

The award, the third time it has been granted in the country, was cosponsored by the All-China Women's Federation and 11 leading media organizations in China.

The other nine winners of the prize include: Hu Dabai, president of Henan Yellow River University of Science and Technology, China's only non-governmental university, Qian Yubao, general manager of one of the best ten textile enterprises in China, Zhang Jianhao, head of a village in south China's Guangdong Province over the past 24 years, and Lei Min, a member of China Women's Special Cops Team.

Also awarded were Chang Yuzhen, who invested millions of yuan to build military sanitariums and orphanages, Wang Jialing, a captain navigating at the Yangtze River for over 1.6 million kilometers, Guo Xinzhi, awarded by the Cambridge University in Britain for her achievement in treating brain diseases with acupuncture, Xiang Liying, a pioneering private entrepreneur engaging in environment-friendly building materials, and Qie Xiushu, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The ten women were selected from 36 candidates from all over China. Candidates this year have been more educated and younger than those two years ago.

(Xinhua 10/20/2000)

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