Experts Stress Teenagers’ Sexual Health

Medical experts warned that people, especially parents, should pay more attention to rising sexual health problem among Chinese youngsters as the country’s young people are becoming sexually mature earlier than before.

Over 100 experts from 14 countries, including China, Switzerland, India, Bangladesh, the Republic of Korea and Vietnam, attended the three-day ongoing International Meeting on Teenagers’ and Unmarried Young People’s Sexual Health in the city.

Sex before marriage is one of the important sexual health issues facing young people around the globe. The research showed cases of sex before marriage, induced abortion and sexually transmitted disease are on rise among Chinese teenagers and unmarried youngsters. Their general lack of knowledge about sex and genital health makes it more prone for youngsters to be harmed by sex-related health issues.

Considering the ubiquity of “sex before marriage” and open-minded society, governments were well advised to educate young people about sexual health, giving them timely and appropriate knowledge and service of procreation, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the experts.

The meeting is also discussing accident pregnancy, AIDS, sex education at schools, family and youth sex education, development and production of sex education teaching materials, and researching methods on youth programs.

(People’s Daily 10/22/2000)

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