More Concern for Women and Children

State Councilor Wu Yi called Wednesday for more efforts to be made concerning the health care of women and children across the country, in a bid to improve their living conditions.

Wu, who is also director of the Women and Children Work Committee of the State Council, made the call at a plenary meeting attended by members of the committee, which opened Wednesday.

Wu said the Chinese government will issue and carry out two 10-year development programs, one for women and the other for children, which are expected to promote the development of undertakings regarding women and children.

More effective measures should be worked out to solve the problems involving the health care needs of women and children, such as how to lower the death rate of pregnant women and how to eliminate the tetanus rate of babies.

Wu also called upon women’s and children’s organizations at all levels to educate women to fight the Falun Gong cult.

The participants have reviewed and approved the drafts of the two 10-year development programs.

(Xinhua 02/01/2001)

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