More Support Called for Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs in China are to receive more financial, technological and psychological support from the government and related organizations.

Zhao Di, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the chairman of the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs, made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the Women Entrepreneurs Forum Thursday in Beijing.

Organized by the association, the Macro-Economy Research Institute under the State Development Planning Commission, and the Women Development Fund of the United Nations, the three-day forum aims to exchange information and experience among female entrepreneurs, investigate the problems they face, and create communication channels between them and government departments.

According to a survey conducted by the association, there are around 1.5 million enterprises managed by female entrepreneurs, with 72 percent of the firms being registered in the 1990s and 55 percent being non-state-owned.

The same survey revealed that only 1.5 percent of enterprises managed by women are in debt. Chen Lanyan, an official from the Women Development Fund, said that in many developing countries, a real problem for women in the business world is the traditional concept people have of them.

“Self-confidence should be a prerequisite for women entrepreneurs but a favorable social environment is also needed,” Chen stressed.

She urged the government to come up with a series of policies for female entrepreneurs so that they can compete with men on a level playing field.

Some female bosses acknowledged that, in addition to self-confidence, management skills and support from the government, families and friends, good public relations and opportunities have also helped them succeed.

“Inadequate technology and a lack of good information often gives me a headache, so we need more training opportunities and multiple information channels to further develop our companies," said Zhang Yan from Beijing Jinlujin Technology Exploration Center.

(China Daily 12/08/2000)

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