Mutations Give Doctors a Hand

Chinese doctors have recently found two gene mutations which they believe incur sudden death of cardiogenic diseases.

A research panel led by Professor Yang Junguo with the Central China Technology University announced that the gene mutations found on Chinese patients are different from their European and American counterparts, because of racial genetic differences.

Cardiogenic diseases that are induced by malignant arrhythmia have a high incidence of sudden death. However, these kinds of diseases usually lack diagnosing evidences for doctors to detect before fatal heart attacks.

Over one million Chinese cardiogenic patients die suddenly of such diseases every year.

The new find provides effective precaution measures for the hidden danger of cardiogenic attacks. Doctors can diagnose the disease by seeing whether there are disease-related gene mutations in the patient's blood sample.

Sources with the research team based in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, said that researchers in America, France, Italy, Finland and Japan have found some 200 gene mutations on six genes that are related to the cardiogenic diseases, but their achievements are irrelevant to help Chinese patients.

The panel's research was based on a genetic data bank with gene samples collected from over 30 patients in a dozen Chinese cities.

The results have been concluded by checking international authoritative gene databanks.

(Xinhua 02/04/2001)

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