Youngsters Still Cherish Marriage

Beijing’s youngsters still consider marriage their ultimate desire, and they are taking more initiative as far as their careers go, a recent survey showed.

The survey, conducted by the Youth League Committee of Beijing Municipality, collected the opinions of 2,022 young people aged 16 to 35 from different walks of life.

Despite the rising divorce rate nowadays, more than 60 percent of people agree that it would be better to be married than to remain single and say they will get married sometime in their lives. Only 8.2 percent disagree, and the remainder say it is hard to choose.

Young people are more open to premarital sex. Over one third of those questioned hold that it was acceptable as long as both partners are really in love, while 27.4 percent are strongly against it. The rest remain neutral.

The survey also shows that men are more inclined towards having sex before marriage. Almost half of the men surveyed say that it is OK, compared to 28 percent of women.

The survey indicates that the expense of looking after children and the growing current trend of the “DINK” family, which stands for “double income, no kids,” have not lessened young people’s desire for children. A total of 1,142 of the young people surveyed want or have children, in contrast to 287 opposed.

The majority of those surveyed agree that both partners in a marriage should respect individual privacy, and believe premarital property notarization benefits both sides.

As much as 95 percent of youngsters say they feel responsible for supporting and assisting their parents whether they get married or not, according to the survey.

As for jobs, most of the young people say they take jobs mainly based on their own judgment rather than the suggestions of parents or friends.

A high salary, promising perspectives and stability are their top priorities, the survey shows.

(China Daily 02/06/2001)

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