Mitsubishi Vehicle Defects Arouse Concern in China

Numerous reports of defective Mitsubishi land-cruisers have stirred up concern in southwest China's Yunnan Province, which has nearly half of China's imported V31 and V33 Mitsubishi cars.

China has now banned the import of these two types of Mitsubishi vehicles.

A local source said on Friday that about 30,000 V31 and V33 Mitsubishi land-cruisers in Yunnan need to be checked for designing defects and repaired.

The source said that there are altogether 72,000 such Mitsubishi vehicles in China.

On Thursday the Mitsubishi side had issued a written apology to all its consumers in Yunnan.

The company's two service centers in the province have examined more than 700 vehicles this week and changed components for about 10 percent of them.

The designing defects of the Mitsubishi land-cruisers were found after many security accidents happened, sources said.

(Xinhua 02/18/2001)

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