Prisons More Secure and Stable

A senior judicial official said Thursday that more measures will be taken to maintain the security and stability of prisons across the country, in order to prevent the occurrence of serious incidents.

Zhang Fusen, Minister of Justice made the call at a national conference attended by heads of the provincial-level judicial departments, which concluded on Thursday.

Zhang pointed out that judicial departments at various levels should take necessary measures to strengthen law enforcement as well as regulate order in prisons and institutes of re-education through labor.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Du Zhongxin, head of the Prison Administration of the Justice Ministry, said that unprecedented achievements have been made in prison administration, citing the example that the escape rate and the recommitting crime rate by ex-prisoners has reduced to a record low.

Du extended his heart-felt respect and greetings to prison officers across the country, who have overcome various difficulties, such as poor living and working conditions, lack of funds and workforce, and explored a wide range of methods to re-educate the prisoners, thus contributing a lot to the security and stability of prisons.

Zhang Fusen also called upon judicial officers to take international practice on prison administration for reference and equip prisons with more modern facilities to make prisons in China more secure and stable.

(Xinhua 01/18/2001)

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