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Renting Cars Popular in Tibet

With the great promotion in living standard and improvement in roads construction, car renting business has experienced a fast development in recent years in Lhasa, the heart of this roof of the world.

Shenglu Company, founded at the end of March this year, mainly providing national brand jeeps and microbuses, currently holds 20 vehicles and has so far signed 60 contracts.

Half a century ago, only the 14th Dalai Lama, one of the highest ranking positions in Tibetan Buddhism, owned a car. Due to a lack of modern roads, the Dala Lama could only enjoy taking a car on a 2 kilometer-long rough road nearby the Potala Palace.

At present, Tibet has more than 73,000 vehicles, among which private cars total 10,385. The total length of roads in the region has reached 24,000 kilometers.

People who want to rent a car range from businessman, local citizens and even foreign travelers.

He Jun, who came from southwest China's Sichuan Province to do road engineering business, has rented a jeep for long period of time, costing 130 yuan per day.

"It's more convenient to do short-term business with renting a car," he said.

Cedui, a native Tibetan living in Lhasa, spent 750 yuan for a microbus and drove his family to the suburbs for a five-day tour.

Meng Dan, manager of Shenglu, is now busy hiring translators to better serve foreign consumers.

(www.eastday.com.cn 05/05/2001)

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