Tibet Develops Education

Thirty-nine of the 71 counties in the Tibet Autonomous Region have met the requirements for six-year compulsory education among children, according to the regional education commission.

In addition, two counties have realized a nine-year compulsory education, and thanks to efforts to eliminate illiteracy among youngsters and middle-aged people, the rate of illiteracy has reduced to 39 percent.

According to historical records, before 1951 there was no modern school in Tibet and the illiteracy rate was 97 percent, a local government official said.

Now, Tibet has a comprehensive education system that includes elementary, secondary, higher and vocational and adult education.

Its elementary education system has improved in the past 20 years, and now 85.8 percent of school-aged children are attending school.

By the end of last year, Tibet had a total of 930 primary and middle schools and 2,700 training centers at all levels where there are 365,000 students.

At the same time, governments at all levels have launched diversified educational programs for Tibetan students in rural and pasturing areas.

(Xinhua 03/16/2001)

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