Public Urged to Help the Disabled

The celebrations at Zhongshan Park on Sunday seemed the same as previous ones, with the same huge crowds, broad smiles, explosive happiness and the same talented singing, dancing and painting.

Only the frequent sign language, the extraordinary concentration on faces and the metal arms of wheelchairs shining in the sunlight reminded people that it was the 11th National Day for Aiding the Disabled.

It’s hoped the activity and other similar ones in the other 17 districts and counties of Beijing will draw more attention to the lives of this group and bring more forward who will give a helping hand, said Zhai Hongxiang, vice-mayor of Beijing.

Zhai said that the municipal government will invest more on the development of infrastructure needed in occupational training, special education and rehabilitation of disabled people this year.

Beijing has more than 400,000 disabled people, involving one fifth of local families. The capital was one of the first Chinese cities to produce local regulations especially to protect the rights of disabled people and force the construction of facilities to help make their lives easier.

According to Zhao Qian, a publicity official with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, activities integrating celebratory performances with recuperating, educating, occupational and legal consulting services were carried out throughout major cities across China.

Also on May 20, Deng Pufang, chairman of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, accepted a donation of 1 million yuan (US$120,700) from academician Li Guojie, director of the Computer Research Institution under the China Academy of Science and Technology.

Li promised to equip Deng’s federation with a modern office computer network in the next few years. The network will be developed by two domestic companies, of which Li is the board chairman.

Realizing office modernization within the federation is a major task stipulated by the 10th Five-Year Plan for National Disabled Work, which was adopted last month.

(China Daily 05/21/2001)

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