Exhibition to Foster Study Abroad Opens

"The 2001 International Higher Education Exhibition", sponsored by the China Education Service for International Exchange Center was opened here Saturday. More than 180 higher education institutes from 25 countries and regions took part.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) stand, co-sponsored by the City University of the United States and the Beijing-based "China-Canada" Business School, attracted much interest.

According to organizers, students finishing the City University 's MBA course can obtain world recognized MBA degrees without going abroad.

The City University is ranked among world's top tertiary institutes offering courses in business administration, and has trained personnel for world-renowned businesses including Boeing and Microsoft.

Experts say that to study abroad is an important objective for some Chinese students and a way to prepare themselves for a globalized 21st century.

As more courses in tertiary institutions in China reach international standards it is thought more Chinese students will choose to remain here for their higher education.

In the meantime, some overseas tertiary institutes are eyeing the market potential in China and have begun developing international education networks here.

The City University launched the MBA education project in China in 1996, and has produced hundreds of MBA graduates for multinational companies and for government bodies in China.

(Xinhua News Agency 10/20/2001)

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