Chinese, Chilean Presidents Hold Talks in Beijing

The Chinese government will make concerted efforts with Chile to further develop bilateral relations, Chinese President Jiang Zemin told visiting Chilean President Ricardo Lagos Escobar Tuesday.

Escobar is on a state visit to China as Jiang's guest.

During the talks, they exchanged views on the ties between the two countries and other issues of common concern, and reached wide- ranging consensus.

Jiang expressed his pleasure with the progress made in Sino- Chilean relations since he visited that country in April this year. He mentioned the countries have witnessed remarkable achievements in various fields in the 31 years of their diplomatic ties.

His Chile visit in April, during which he and Lagos agreed to establish long-term, steady, equal and reciprocal cooperative relations between the two countries, has promoted bilateral relations to a new phase, noted Jiang.

Stating that both China and Chile are developing nations facing the tasks of safeguarding national independence, security and sovereignty and building their economies, Jiang pointed out that it is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples to strengthen their cooperation.

On bilateral economic and trade relations, Jiang said that the two economies are highly complementary, and they boast vast potential for bilateral trade cooperation as Chile has become China’s second largest trade partner in Latin America. He stressed that the Chinese government takes a positive view of bilateral economic and trade ties, hoping that entrepreneurs of both sides would look for more ways to increase two-way economic and trade cooperation.

The Chinese government encourages Chinese businesses to invest in Chile and welcomes Chilean businesses to come to China, said Jiang.

Jiang pointed to China's upcoming entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), saying that China will further reform and open up and strengthen its economic and trade cooperation with other countries in the world, including Chile.

Saying he was satisfied with bilateral scientific and technological exchanges, Jiang cited the six joint committee meetings and over 100 cooperative projects between the two sides.

He noted that the two countries have carried out successful cooperation in agriculture and earthquake monitoring, and there are broad prospects for exchanges in the information industry.

He said he hoped that scientists of both countries would work together on more projects and explore more cooperative areas.

Lagos expressed his delight at the continuous development of bilateral relations since they set up diplomatic ties.

He noted that Chile and China have had good cooperative experiences in such fields as economy, trade, science, technology and agriculture.

Their constant talks and reciprocal cooperation have deepened mutual understanding and trust and provided each other with new cooperation opportunities, added Lagos.

He went on to say that Chile and China have maintained good consultations and cooperation in international organizations and multi-national fields, and share wide-ranging common points of view.

He appreciated the Chinese Foreign Minister's participation in the first East Asia-Latin America Forum held in Chile and was satisfied with the coordination between the Rio Group and China.

He said he hoped that Latin America and China would further strengthen dialog so as to see more results in their cooperation.

The two leaders also exchanged in-depth views on the current international situation and issues like anti-terrorism, and they condemned terrorism of any form.

Lagos said that the September 11 attacks in the United States have altered the normal international order, and anti-terrorism requires the comprehensive participation of the whole world.

The new world situation has provided Chile and China with more openings for cooperation, added Lagos.

Jiang said the Chinese government firmly opposes terrorism of any form, and supports the resolutions passed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and Security Council and actions against terrorism.

Pointing out that the fight against terrorism will be a long and difficult task, Jiang stressed that complex international cooperation at various levels should be strengthened and the UN and its Security Council should play a leading role.

China is ready to strengthen consultations and cooperation with all parties including Chile on anti-terrorism, added Jiang.

After the talks, the two leaders attended a signing ceremony for bilateral cooperative documents covering plant quarantines, and agricultural science and technology.

Before the talks, Jiang presided over a welcoming ceremony for Lagos.

(Xinhua News Agency October 24, 2001)

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