China’s Teens Have Better Nutrition but Lower Stamina, Report Shows

China issued on Thursday the report on the Chinese people's health status for the year of 2000, promising to do so every five years ever since.

Xiao Min, deputy director of Mass Sports Division under the State Sports General Administration, said they polled 533,910 people aged from 3 to 69 in the nation-wide survey.

The group of 20 to 29-year-olds, which claim the "tallest period in life", average 169.7cm for male and 158.6cm for female, the report said.

Ages 40 to 45 is the time a man weighs the most, and the average is 67.6 kg. As for women, their weights average most at 59.6 kg between ages 50 to 54. Men's chest circumferences average 90.5 cm when they are 45 to 49; women's, 88.5cm between 55 to 59.

Pulses stabilize after age 20 at 78 beats per minute on average. The 20 to 39-year-old men's blood pressure is 115.1-117.2/73.8-77.3 mmHg; that for 20 to 39 women, 106.5-109.6/69.7-72.5 mmHg.

The report also said 7 to 19-year-olds are getting better shaped, acquiring better nutrition and health care service, but decline in stamina, flexibility and strength.

Another serious problem of the youth is about eyesight. The survey found 20.23 percent of the elementary school students, 48.18 of junior high, 71.29 of senior high and 73.01 of college, are wearing dioptric glasses.

Both the problems have something to do with students' heavy academic burden and lack of sports practice, the report said.

(People's Daily October 26, 2001)

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