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Ministry of Health Press Release (April 25) on SARS
The Press Office under the Ministry of Health published Friday afternoon a press release on the latest SARS situation in the Chinese mainland. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the mainland reported a total of 180 new SARS cases with 23 patients recovered and 5 deaths.

Of these figures:

Beijing reported 103 new cases, 9 patients recovered and 3 deaths

Tianjin reported 13 new cases

Hebei 12 new cases

Shanxi 11 new cases, 1 death

Inner Mongolia 23 new cases

Henan 1 new case;

Guangdong 15 new cases, 14 recovered, and 1 death

Guangxi 1 new case;

Sichuan 1 new case.

By 8 pm of April 24, China had a total of 2,601 SARS cases (including 578 medical workers), which included 1,277 patients who had recovered and been discharged from hospital and 115 deaths.

Among these figures, a total of 877 cases (involving 160 medical workers), including 73 recovered and 42 deaths, were reported in Beijing.

A total of 21 cases (involving 10 medical workers), including 2 deaths, were reported in Tianjin.

18 cases (involving 5 medical workers; the diagnosed case in Thursday’s report has been proved to be not a medical worker.) were reported in Hebei Province.

173 cases (involving 46 medical workers), including 14 recovered and 8 deaths, were reported in Shanxi.

70 cases (involving 11 medical workers), including 6 deaths, were reported in Inner Mongolia.

1 case was reported in Liaoning.

7 cases (including 2 medical workers) were reported in Jilin.

2 cases were reported in Shanghai; 3 in Zhejiang; and 1 in Anhui.

3 cases including 1 recovered were reported in Fujian.

1 case was reported in Shandong;

9 cases including 1 medical worker were reported in Henan;

1 case (medical worker) was reported in Hubei.

6 cases including 5 recovered and 1 death were reported in Hunan.

A total of 1,374 cases (involving 342 medical workers), including 1,173 recovered and 50 deaths, were reported in Guangdong.

16 cases including 8 recovered and 3 deaths were reported in Guangxi. Guangxi also reported 1 patient who had been falsely diagnosed with SARS.

9 cases including 3 recovered and 2 deaths were reported in Sichuan.

5 cases including 1 death were reported in Ningxia.

Shaanxi reported 2 cases and Gansu 2 cases.

In addition, a total of 330 suspected cases were reported from across the mainland Friday. By 8 pm of April 24, the total number of suspected cases nationwide was 1,482, including 954 from Beijing, 26 from Tianjin, 22 from Hebei, 135 from Shanxi, 128 from Inner Mongolia, 7 from Jilin, 18 from Shanghai, 2 from Jiangsu, 5 from Zhejiang, 2 from Jiangxi, 1 from Shandong; 4 from Henan, 10 from Hubei, 2 from Hunan, 127 from Guangdong, 2 from Guangxi, 2 from Chongqing; 15 from Sichuan; 15 from Shaanxi, 2 from Gansu, 2 from Ningxia, and 1 from Xinjiang.

(China.org.cn April 25, 2003)

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