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Huaihe River Floods Damage Less Than Expected
The Huaihe River is currently experiencing severe flooding, with losses less than the 1991 river flood, said an official with the Office of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.

The official introduced features of this year's flooding of the Huaihe River as follows:

  • Heavy rainfall

    The Huaihe River valleys above Wangjiaba have received almost 300 millimeters of precipitation since last June, with total rainfall in Guanjizhan in Fuyang City of southeast China's Anhui Province reaching 708 millimeters. Rainfall in this area is 0.9 to 1.7 times more than the yearly average.

  • Flood develops quickly

    From 11:00 am July 2 to 1:00 am July 3, the water level in Wangjiaba increased by 0.55 meter. Especially from 12:00 noon July 2 to 13:00 pm July 2, the level rose 0.12 meter in one hour.

  • High water level

    The water level in the river reached above Zhengyangguan has exceeded safety levels; water levels between Zhengyangguan and Bengbu is above the record of 1991 when the river also experienced severe flooding; and some parts even reached highest-ever water level.

  • Huge water amount above safety level

    Water amounts above safety levels were 350 million cubic meters in Wangjiaba. That is 110 million cubic meters in Runheji. The two numbers are similar to that of 1991.

    The official said that although the flood was severe, it was not the cause of huge damage and losses.

    There are fewer dangerous situations. Since the central government launched the flood prevention and control project of Huaihe River in 1991, to date, no serious threat has occurred in the main streams of the river. Some 894 minor threats and 30 middle threats have happened in diversion areas and flood diverted areas, making three fifths and a quarter separately of 1991's numbers.

    The Huaihe River uses seven areas to divert floods this year, less than 17 areas in 1991. About 1.5 billion cubic meters of water had been diverted to decrease water levels in Wangjiaba, Zhengyanguan, Bengbu and other places. More over, the flood diversion was carried out in an orderly fashion and has reduced losses.

    According to primary statistics, 1.4 million mu (93,333 hectares) of fields were submerged because of flood diversion, 30 million mu (2 million hectares) of fields suffered water logging, as well 50,000 houses collapsed. The figure is much less than that of 1991.

    (China.org.cn by Feng Yikun, July 11, 2003)

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