No Chinese Olympians Fail in Anti-Doping Test

So far, 104 person-times of anti-doping tests have been practiced on Chinese Olympians but no one has been found positive. The Olympians tested included all the Chinese medal winners as well as other selected Chinese athelets.

This year’s event is known for its extremely strict anti-doping test as it involves both urine test and blood test. As a result, stimulants like EPO that used to slip away can no longer get off.

That more than 100 Chinese athletes have passed drug tests at the Sydney Olympics shows China’s anti-doping efforts are paying off, a Chinese team leader said yesterday.

But Wu Shouzhang said he couldn’t guarantee that no Chinese athlete would test positive before the games end.

The Olympic Organization Committee has briefed the Chinese Olympic delegation about its anti-doping test and gave accolades to China for the satisfactory result it has achieved in fighting stimulant doping.


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