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Wang Xiaofeng on Targets for Hainan's "10th Five-year Plan"

Wang Xiaofeng, governor of Hainan Province, said at the Fourth Session of the Second Hainan Provincial People's Congress held on February 11 that the GDP of Hainan will maintain an annual growth rate of 9 percent in the coming five years and the per-capita GDP by 2005 will exceed 10,000 yuan.

Wang said that during the five years, Hainan would increase investment in a bid to build tropical high-efficient agricultural bases and develop feature agriculture, such as order-placing, science and technology and green agriculture, to maintain the good momentum of the simultaneous, accelerated growth of agriculture and farmers' income.

With respect to industry, Hainan will follow the road of combining the development of new and high-tech industries and the transformation of traditional industries, speed up the exploitation and utilization of petroleum, natural gas and other minerals and the development of resource-advantageous industries like the processing of agricultural, forest and aquatic products, and strive to establish the country's largest chemical fertilizer production bases and natural beverage and food production bases in three years. At the same time, efforts will be made to develop bio-pharmaceuticals, electronic information and other high-tech industries, boosting industrialization through informationization.

With regard to tourism, Hainan will gradually be built into a first-class island holiday resort in China and in the world as a whole, bringing about a change from sightseeing tourism to holiday-making tourism. Emphasis will be put on the development of excellent tourist projects featuring tropical scenery, seashore characteristics ethnic customs and conditions and favorable ecological environment

Wang also said that during the "10th Five-year Plan" period, Hainan would take the development of marine resources as the breakthrough point, speed up the development of ocean fishery and high value-added aquiculture, striving to turn its ocean fishery into agriculture's No.1 largest industry of the island province. Besides, it will stress the processing industry of ocean petroleum and gas to make it into the largest pillar industry of the industrial sector.

(People's Daily 02/13/01)

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