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Beijing to Attract More Returned Students

Beijing will create a better environment to attract students studying abroad to return home to participate in and benefit from the city's economic development, according to a recent work conference of the municipal government.

The government will continue to encourage returned talents especially experts with research experience in advanced technologies and excellent corporate managers to work in Beijing.

In order to help the returned students, the government is trying to raise its work efficiency, launch a venture capital system, improve the legal system, draw up preferential policies and solve concrete problems.

Statistics show some 70,000 people in Beijing have gone to study abroad in the past two decades, and one-third of them have returned after completing their studies.

So far about 180 returned students are set to establish their enterprises in Zhongguancun, known as China's "silicon valley" in northern Beijing. Among them 46 have gained licenses with a total registered asset of 81 million yuan (US$9.8 million).

Beijing has become the largest community of returned students in the country.

(Xinhua 02/21/2001)

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