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Delegate: Falun Gong Banned to Protect More Women from Danger

The very reason that the Chinese government has banned the Falun Gong cult according to law is to protect more innocent women and girls from danger and harms by the evil cult, a Chinese delegate said in Beijing Monday.

"The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the protection of women's rights, progress and development, and made tremendous efforts in this regard," said Li Dongsheng, Special Advisor of the Chinese delegation, at the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

However, he stressed, women's rights are trampled upon by various evil powers, one of which is the Falun Gong cult. And among the Falun Gong practitioners, women account for a considerable part.

By taking advantage of women's sincere and kind nature and their ardent eagerness for a happy life, the Falun Gong entices them to get obsessed with the cult, according to the Chinese delegate.

He said Falun Gong practices inhumane mind control upon women, gradually deprives them of freedom of expression, and makes them abandon family and become irrational, which ultimately leads to great misfortune to their families and irremediable disaster to their health and even lives. "What is more striking and horrible about Falun Gong is that, many female practitioners, tempted by the so-called going-to- heaven, even paid the price of mutilating themselves or committing suicide to escape the 'dooms-day' and enter the 'heaven'," he said.

Li recalled that seven Falun Gong practitioners, among whom five are females, set fire on themselves at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing in January.

"We would therefore take this opportunity to call upon the whole international community to act together for the eradication of all evil cults, one of the common hazards of the world, so to protect women's rights and interests," he said.

(Xinhua 04/10/2001)

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