Chinese Citizens Able to Travel to Turkey, South Africa

Sources with the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) said Sunday that Turkey and South Africa have gained the Approved Destination Status (ADS).

So far, the total number of ADS countries and regions surpasses20.

At the moment, the CNTA and other related ministries are discussing detailed issues such as tourism visas, routes, and accommodation in these two nations before Chinese tourists are able to visit.

"Chinese people can easily find familiar culture in South Africa. Chinese emigration descendants have now become an important part of my country. Moreover, in recent years, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises have come to South Africa to set up business," said Sarel Opperman, Asian general manager of South African Tourism.

South Africa is a good start for tour in Africa. Visitors can observe various wild animals, the busy stock exchange and the high skyscrapers within the nation.

Opperman wrapped up his visit to Shanghai, Kunming and Chengdu not long ago. Meanwhile, the Turkish airlines is busy preparing.

"We now have three flights (to China) per week and intend to add more after the ADS. We hope Chinese can visit Turkey which links Europe and Asia, tracing back the ancient Silk Road and witnessing the long-term friendship between the two nations," said Nihat Demirkan, general manager for the airlines in China.

"My family will go to Australia this Spring Festival, and next time we may visit the Cape of Good Hope or the Strait of Bosporus," said Chen Yanping, who booked holiday routes in China International Travel Service.

"China is opening wider to the outside world and we can better know the world by traveling," he added.

( People's Daily December 24, 2001)