November 22, 2002

Indonesia Newspaper Criticizes US for Withholding UN Dues

The US's decision to withhold its UN dues is an overt defiance of international democracy and fully demonstrates the superpower's hegemonic act, according to an Indonesian newspaper.

The newspaper, International Daily, said in a commentary that the US's ouster from the Unites Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) reflects the wish of the people around the world. Therefore, no country has the right to doubt the credibility of the result or retaliate.

The newspaper said that the United States always styles itself as a free and democratic country and asserts the safeguarding of the world human rights and democracy.

Enraged at the result, the US House of Representatives adopted the resolution to impose sanctions against the United Nations.

The newspaper asked, "Is it a decision that a self-claimed democratic country should adopt? Where the characteristic of "respecting democracy" does the resolution reflect? "

As the most influential member of the United Nations, the US should not have defaulted the UN dues. Now it attempts to force the UNHRC to change democratic procedures and act according to its wish, under the pretext of dissatisfaction with the vote result. The fact further has laid bare the superpower's arrogance, the newspaper noted.

It pointed out that the US should fully respect the aspiration of the people all over the world and the democracy process, develop the manners that a superpower is supposed to have, and handle relations with other countries and international organizations in accordance with the principle of friendliness, peace, stability and development.

The newspaper urged the US to halt all misdeeds so as not to lose face to a "democracy power."

(People's Daily 05/15/2001)

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