November 22, 2002

Indonesian Population Reaches 206 Mln

The Indonesian population counted in the fifth population census by June 30, 2000 reached 206,264,595, according to the latest release from the Central Statistic Bureau (BPS) reaching Jakarta Tuesday.

The country's annual average growth for the period 1990-2000 reached 1.49 percent, lower than the growth in the previous decadeof 1980-1990, which topped 1.97 percent per year. The major factorinfluence on the growth in the period of 1990-2000 was the declineof birth rate and the higher mortality rate.

The release said the spread of the population migration to the areas in Indonesia was not similar to the years of 1990 and 2000,as a 59 percent of the population settle in the Java island in 2000 and a 60 percent of the population lived beyond Java island in 1990. But only a two percent and five percent of the populationlived in Maluku, Kalimantan and Papua island respectively.

It was reported that 30.45 percent of the population were on age 0-14 years old, while 4.54 percent aged above 65. The development of the age composition was nearly similar to that during 1980-1990 where the trend of the young age group continuously decreased while the old age group increased.

The composition of the productive population had developed along with the demography process. A 70 percent of the population complied with the productive age, which was seven percent higher than in year 1990.

It said that the ratio of population who could take the job opportunity to the total productive age in year 2000 reached 95 percent or declined two percent compared to the year of 1990 in which it reached 97 percent. The percentage of the productive age looking for job increased five percent in 2000 compared to 1990 when it stood at three percent.

The trend of the population living in the urban areas increasedin 2000. A 42 percent of the population lived in the urban area resulted from the urbanization activities as well as the changing status of the rural area to be city, the release said.

It added that the number of the population which graduated fromhigh level education such as senior high school to the diploma 4 reached 2.94 percent in 2000 higher than in 1990 when it reached 1.29 percent. Conversely the number of population under the senior high school level decreased in 2000.

The total population of Indonesia consisted of 103,417,180 male and 102,847,415 female.

(Xinhua News Agency June 5, 2002)

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