November 22, 2002

'Piano Princess' to Light up Beijing Again

Linda Gentille, acclaimed as the "American piano princess," is scheduled to perform in China again.

Gentille, who has played more than 60 concerts in 33 cities in China, is probably the foreign pianist who has given more performances in the country than anyone else.

Beijing audiences will have the opportunity to listen to her play again at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities on Saturday.

With the endearing encouragement of her grandmother, Gentille began playing the piano at the age of 9 and knew almost immediately that music and the piano would forever play a significant role in her life.

She has combined her magnificent and almost natural playing skills with the art of showmanship. Now some of her fans and critics even claim that her unequalled talent and masterful presentations rival, and even surpass, those of Liberace.

Moreover, she also amazes audiences with her foreign language skills -- she speaks nine languages including Chinese -- which have helped her become a more effective and welcome international ambassador.

Gentille also performs her highly acclaimed anti-drug concert series entitled “Get High on Music, Not Drugs” at schools in the United States and China.

For the Beijing concert on Saturday, she will start with soundtrack music from popular movies such as "Chariots of Fire," "Ghost" and "Love Story."

The second part will include the performance of Latin rhythms including "Malaguena," "Tango Argentine" and "My Spanish Heart," which she composed herself.

Then she will play some classic piano pieces and Chinese folk songs. She will also try to sing a Chinese pop song to end the concert.

(China Daily July 29, 2002)

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