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Beijing to Move out More Polluters in Five Years

The 10th Five-year Plan period (2001-05) will see Beijing to move hundreds of industrial enterprises out of the 4th Loop Road to solve the problems as of pollution and urban din, said Liu Haiyan, vice-mayor of Beijing, June 11.

Beijing Transformer Factory, a large industrial enterprise located at Xinjiekou, will be moved to a new address in sci-tech park in Changping north of Beijing late May, and 20 such others will also be relocated this year.

Due to historical reasons, Beijing's 56.8 percent industrial enterprises huddled in the city center taking up only 1.9 percent area of the whole city, causing a series of problems as dense population, traffic jam, shortage of energy supply and environmental pollution.

In past year, about 1 million square meters have been cleared as a result of a series of relocations arranged and another 6 million are anticipated in the coming five years, to make the city's total clear-out since 1985 top 8 million square meters.

As planned, an orderly industrial layout will form into scale by 2005. The areas inside the fourth loop will focus on industrial marketing, research institutes and environmental-friendly industries as well as be a window for foreign exchanges. The belts along the fourth loop will project new and high-tech zones specialized in software, IC, new material, medicine and energies. Meanwhile, suburbs will become bases centering on modern processing, manufacturing and raw material supply.

(People's Daily 06/12/2001)

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