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President Stresses Renewal of Party Values

President Jiang Zemin recently called on members of the Communist Party of China to stick to the basic principles of the Party and wholeheartedly serve the people.

While touring Shanxi Province in North China, Jiang encouraged Party members to think about the essential truth of their work, and carry on the values and traditions of the CPC.

Jiang also called for a more disciplined and well-managed Party

organization, saying that "only by doing so, can we achieve solidarity of the Party and enhance its forces of creation, struggle and cohesion."

"The core of Party building is the maintenance of a flesh-and-blood relationship between the Party and the people," Jiang noted.

However, the bureaucracy currently existing in the Party is a key problem that causes trouble in this relationship, Jiang pointed out.

Jiang urged Party officials to work out educational methods and disciplinary rules to ensure that all party members pay attention to truth, effectiveness and people's needs and interests.

(China Daily 08/23/2001)

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