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Contemporary China's Economic Reform (Monograph)
Wu Jinglian
Shanghai: Shanghai Far East Publishers, 2004. 434 pages.
ISBN: 7-80661-894-5
This book is reputed as the most authoritative monograph on China's economic reform. Based on years of theoretical research and reform practice, the author explores deep into the factors that inevitably lead to the establishment of China's basic economic system. It makes a general survey of the whole process of China's economic reform. He also discusses the reform of each sector, the macroeconomy and social problems, revealing the author's thinking about the unfinished reform tasks of building a market economy aimed at social justice and common prosperity.

A Multiperspective Exploration of the Economic History of Jiangnan (1250-1850) (SDX & Harvard-Yenching Academic Library)
Li Bozhong
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2003. 505 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01841-1
This book is a research on the six-century economic history of Jiangnan, region south of the Yangtze River, covering a wide range of topics, including population, ecological environment, agriculture, industry, technology, farmers, women, and culture. Its comprehensiveness is rare among the works on economic history in China. The author makes multiperspective exploration and analysis with keen sight and puts forward original views backed up by rich data on many theories, such as the economic reform in Jiangnan in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), population pressure, no qualitative change in the economy of Jiangnan in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, and special development of cities in China. His opinions are much deeper and more convincing than those of many other scholars.

A Liberal Stomach -- Random Notes on Chinese Food Culture
Lu Yaodong
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2002. Size: 184×130mm; 284 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01710-5
The author, who defined himself as a person working on Chinese food culture, traveled and ate around from Suzhou to Taipei, Hongkong, Shanghai, and Beijing. According to Lu Yaodong, a person working on Chinese food culture, different from a gourmet who usually tastes only the finest food, must have a liberal stomach and eat all kinds of food without choosiness. Both delicacies and simple food are appealing in the vivid depiction of Mr. Lu.

The Truth in Development (Economists' Papers Series)
Fan Gang
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2001. Size: 184×130mm; 280 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01664-8
The author concerns about how a developing country backward in every aspect can realize economic growth by making use of its comparative advantages and overcoming weak points when confronted by dominant developed countries powerful in an all-round way.

Reform: Now at a Critical Point (Economists' Papers Series) (Enlarged Edition)
Wu Jinglian
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2002. Size: 184×130mm; 436 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01700-8
The author is famous for his sharp opinions, predictive ability and insight in China's economics circle. This book is a work on market economy.

Currency Control and Financial Reform (Economists' Papers Series)
Xie Ping
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2004. Size: 184×130mm; 321 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-02051-3
The author has long conducted theoretical research and decision consultancy concerning financial reform and development in the Bank of China. This book is the summary and fruit of his research in the past decade. It records the whole process of China's reform and discussions on major theories and policies in different phases. The book probes into the successes and failures of China's financial reform, providing invaluable reference for the current and future development of China's financial reform.

China: After Entering the WTO
Compiled by the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council of China
Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2003. Size: 140×203mm; 343 pages.
ISBN: 7-01-003850-3
This book is the product of the 2002 Conference of High Level Forum on China's Development convened by the Development Research Center of the State Council of China in Beijing. It sums up China's development since the country entered the WTO, analyzes the assessments made by people from the political, academic and business circles at home and abroad on China's performance as a WTO member state, and gives suggestions for future development.

Shanxi Merchants and Style of Writing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Zhang Zhengming
Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2003. Size: 140×203mm; 323 pages.
ISBN: 7-01-003872-4
Shanxi is abundant in wealthy merchants. Shanxi boasts the largest merchant group in China since the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, as well as the largest one in the international trade during that period. This book studies the rise and fall of this merchant group.

Savoring Legends -- Stories about Celebrities and Delicacies
Zhou Fenna
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2003. Size: 184×162mm; 197 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-0785-7
Zhou Fenna, a Taiwanese columnist, is adept at writing on literature, history and delicacies. She threaded celebrities, history, literature, scenic spots and historical sites, and delicacies together in this book with her skillful use of language. You will not only discover the subtle reasons behind celebrities' liking for particular delicacies, but also trace back to the past to appreciate all kinds of legendary delicacies.

Multi-network Competition -- Reform and Opening up of China's Telecommunication Industry (Economists' Papers Series)
Zhou Qiren
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2001. Size: 184×130mm; 233 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01579-X
This book discusses the current situation and system of telecommunication industry and a series of acute issues, such as how to break monopoly and introduce competition, through examining a large number of cases.

A Dialectic View on Market Economy (Economists' Papers Series)
Dong Fureng
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2002. Size: 184×130mm; 402 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01698-2
As a well-known economist and Vice Chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee of the National People's Congress, the author is thoroughly familiar with the economic theories and operation in China. This book deals with the current economic theories and hot issues in practice.

China's Accession to the WTO and Economic Reform (English)
Wang Mengkui
Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2002. Size: 140×203mm; 432 pages.
ISBN: 7-119-03022-1
This book was written by an authority on China's economic reform and negotiation with the WTO. He makes a comprehensive analysis of the problems and challenges facing China after the country entered the WTO and puts forward ideas and measures for solving them.

Integrated Study of China's Development and Reform (English)
Wang Huijiong
Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2003. Size: 152×222mm; 528 pages.
ISBN: 7-119-03335-2
This book includes four academic reports on China's situation made by the author in foreign countries, three reports given at international or domestic meetings, and 18 speeches delivered at the conferences of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, covering a wide range of topics, such as China's development plan, science and technology, economy, society and environment. Readers can gain a comprehensive view of the achievements of China's development and reform and likely problems facing China in the future.

The Structure and Changes of China's Stock Market
Zheng Xuejun
Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2000. Size: 140×203mm; 365 pages.
ISBN: 7-01-003711-6
This book reviews the overall evolving process and economic logic for the development of China's stock market. It analyzes in depth its structural characteristics and trend of change.

China's Accession to the WTO and Infrastructure Reform (English)
China (Hainan) Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD)
Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2002. Size: 140×203mm; 312 pages.
ISBN: 7-119-03057-4
China's accession to the WTO has made the acceleration of infrastructure reform an urgent need for uplifting the competitiveness of the infrastructure industry. This book, focusing on telecommunication, railway, electric power, and civil aviation, discusses the trend and feasibility of China's infrastructure reform and measures after the entry into the WTO.

China's Economy
Wang Mengkui
Beijing: China Intercontinental Press, 2004. Size: 184×130mm; 144 pages.
ISBN: 7-5085-0596-4
In the 20 years or more since China adopted the policy of reform and opening-up in 1978, China's economy has maintained an annual average growth rate of nine percent, creating a miracle in the world economic history. The increasingly prosperous Chinese economy is becoming a driving force of the development of world economy. This book introduces the basic situation of China's economy, China's modernization process, achievements of China's economic reform and opening-up, economic development in China's rural and urban areas, changes in the economic life of Chinese people, and analyzes the current situation and future of China's manufacturing industry and various international comments on China's economy. The book has Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic editions.

Chinese Circulating Coins
Liu Zhongliang
Beijing: Beijing Publishing House, 2001. Size: 184×130mm; 176 pages.
ISBN: 7-200-02644-1
This book will take you into the heaven of coins. It provides detailed and accurate data and helps coin collectors and other people interested in this topic to learn about, appreciate, collect, research, and invest in Chinese circulation coins.

China Business
Ma Ke, Li Jun and others
Beijing: China Intercontinental Press, 2004. Size: 187×258mm; 420 pages.
ISBN: 7-5085-0160-8
This book focuses on the realities of business operation in China, and provides important information about China's business environment and relative rules and regulations. It serves as a guide for foreign investors and businessmen in China and valuable reference for learning the development and operation of China's economy. The CD coming along with the book details all major laws and regulations on trade and investment in China, the latest rules on investment in different trades, and protocol on China's accession to the WTO. It also provides links to the websites of government departments, various trades, organs of commerce and the mass media. The book has Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Korean editions.

The History of Chinese Tongbao Currency System
Wang Jian, Yin Yanming and Zhang Dengqin
Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2000. Size: 140×203mm; 652 pages.
ISBN: 7-01-002813-3
Being the most complete and complicated currency system used for the longest time in China's feudal society, Tongbao currency holds a significant position in China's economic history and exerts deep influence on China's history and culture. This book is the first monograph to comprehensively and systematically expound on the establishment, development and fall of Tongbao currency system. The book is illustrated with nearly 200 pictures reflecting the minting and issuance of Tongbao currency in different historical stages.

A Social and Economic Atlas of Western China
Jin Fengjun and Qian Jinkai
Beijing: China Intercontinental Press, 2003. 91 pages.
ISBN: 7-5085-0251-5
This atlas uses economic maps, sketch maps and statistical charts along with brief captions to show the social and economic development of provinces and autonomous regions in western China. It covers natural resources, geographical environment, population, advantageous industries, investment environment, and people's life. The atlas has both Chinese and English editions.

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