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Facets of the Military Culture (Monograph)
Xu Yong
Jinan: Qi Lu Press, 2001. 320 pages.
ISBN: 7-5333-0717-8
Military culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. This book details the essentials of the military culture and its representative figures, their life stories and military works. The author sums up the characteristics and essence of the military culture in each dynasty. He combines theories and history and interpreted the profound cultural accumulation of the military culture in an easy-to-understand way. It is a book of the Essentials of Traditional Culture Series and is intended to popularize the knowledge with high readability.

A Fleet with Fluttering Dragon Flag -- A History of Modern Chinese Navy (Enlarged Edition)
Jiang Ming
Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2002. Size: 187×258mm; 651 pages.
ISBN: 7-108-01748-2
This book is a thorough research on the modern history of Chinese navy from the latter half of the 19th century to the early 20th century. It covers the building and purchasing of warships, construction of military harbors, education and training of naval officials and soldiers, development of naval strategy and so on.

Mao Zedong's Military Strategy
Hu Zhefeng
Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2000. Size: 140×203mm; 451 pages.
ISBN: 7-01-003405-2
This book systematically elaborates on Mao Zedong's thought of people's war and strategic principles of mobile and guerrilla warfare. It talks about the founding and management of the army, strategy and battle, defense, attack and decisive battle, time and space, and other aspects. The book represents the charisma of Mao Zedong, a great military strategist, who had an outstanding mastery of history and military strategy.

Sunzi's Art of War (Illustrated Classics) (Monograph)
Sunzi (of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC)), translated, annotated and commented by Li Qingshan and Ning Ling, illustrated by Wang Hongxi and Liu Yonghua
Shanghai: Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, 2003. Hardcover; 158 pages.
ISBN: 7-5326-1173-6
This book is the illustrated edition of Sunzi's Art of War. The contents include the original text, annotations, modern Chinese translation, and 40 graceful traditional Chinese paintings drawn by famous artist Wang Hongxi and some 100 pictures. The appendices include a biography of Sunzi and comments on Sunzi by well-known personages of China and other countries. The detailed and accurate data can help the readers gain better knowledge of Sunzi's life and the influence of his work The Art of War abroad.

Meeting with the Military Strategist -- How Sunzi's Art of War Unearthed in Yinque Mountain is Decoded (Chinese Cultural History Series)
Yue Nan
Beijing: New World Press, 2004. 416 pages.
ISBN: 7-80187-243-6
In the spring of 1972, some bamboo slips were unearthed from a Han Dynasty tomb in the Yinque Mountain south of Linyi city, Shandong Province. This discovery preluded the resurgence of archaeology since the founding of new China in 1949. In particular, the simultaneous discovery of the original manuscripts of the military canon Sunzi's Art of War and Sunbin's Art of War, which had been thought to have lost settled the academic dispute that had lasted for over a thousand years and ushered in a new era for the research on these two military works. This book gives an on-the-spot record of the whole process of the discovery and excavation of the Han tomb in the Yinque Mountian and scholars' study and interpretation of the bamboo-slip manuscripts.

Ancient Chinese Weapons
Yang Hong and Yu Bingwen
Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2002. Size: 140×203mm; 148 pages.
ISBN: 7-119-03135-X
This book gives a brief systematic introduction to ancient Chinese weapons, describing the typical weapons and military outfit used in the battles from the late primitive society to the end of the feudal society. A whole chapter is devoted to the encyclopedia on weapons in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) -- Essentials of Military Arts. Readers can have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the emergence and development, structure, consummate producing techniques, usage, and functions in war of ancient weapons.

China's National Defense
Peng Guangqian
Beijing: China Intercontinental Press, 2004. Size: 184×130mm; 120 pages.
ISBN: 7-5085-0573-5
A nation cannot be built up without defense. With a vast territory and long land border and coastline, China has an imperative need to build up a strong national defense to safeguard its territorial security and peaceful life of the people. Today's world is not at peace; power politics still exists and terrorism runs rampant. Modernized armed forces are the guarantee for maintaining sovereignty and national dignity. This book covers the topics such as the situation of China's national defense, characteristics of China's security environment, tasks and policies of China's national defense, what China did in the past in its national defense building and its current level, the organizational system, scale, and modernization of China's armed forces, the development of the strength of China's national defense, and its influence on international and regional stability. The book gives authoritative answers to each question based on facts. It has Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic editions.

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