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Illustrated Encyclopedia of Chinese History
Chief editor: Wu Ze
Shanghai: Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 2003. Hardcover; size: 210×285 mm; 500 pages.
ISBN 7-5324-5731-1
This book includes more than 3,000 historical entries, with a large number of pictures. In addition to explanations regarding various aspects of the Chinese history, the book also provides comparisons with the world history. It is quite practical with convenient searching method.

Splendid West of China (Eight Vols)
Chief editors: Bai Gengsheng and Huang Xiaoyong
Shijiazhuang: Hebei Children's Publishing House, 2003.
ISBN 7-5376-2472-0
This series includes eight books: Scattered Pearls -- Ethnic Minorities in the West, Colorful World -- Arts in the West, Aspiration for Beauty -- Literature in the West, Green Dream -- Eco-Environment in the West, Recall of History -- Archaeology in the West, Across the Vast Land -- Travel in the West, Tracing the Mysteries -- Adventures in the West, and Past Chasm, Now Thoroughfare -- Transportation in the West. They introduce the brilliant culture of the many ethnic groups in west China from different angles, and the rarely known history of the vast land in the west.

Happy Dictionary of Super-Boy Pupu
Xiao Ping
Beijing: People's Literature Publishing House, 2003. 178 pages; with illustrations.
ISBN 7-02-004192-2
Pupu, a primary school boy, is naughty but not troublesome. He has two sworn friends. When the three of them gather together, no doubt troubles will flare up. Though from time to time he is out of luck and is ordered to stand in the corridor outside his classroom, write self-criticism or copy new words, Pupu lives a happy life despite all these troubles.

Selected Tang Poems Illustrated with Cartoons
Compiled by Wang Xiaoming
Shanghai: Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 2004. Size: 181×206 mm; 456 pages.
ISBN 7-5324-0237-4/G · 2522
This book selects 114 popular Tang poems. With cartoon illustrations and written explanations, they are easy for the children to understand and learn.

Idioms About the 12 Animals (Monograph)
Yu Zuozan; illustrated by Zhang Hong
Shanghai: Publishing House of the Unabridged Chinese Dictionary, 2003. 287 pages; with illustrations.
ISBN 7-5432-0827-X
This book includes 500 entries. Besides concise explanations in Chinese phonetic alphabets, it also contains example sentences, idiom stories, games of idioms and lively illustrations to attract the young readers.

Biography of Jia Li
Qin Wenjun
Shanghai: Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 1997. Size: 140×203 mm; 405 pages.
ISBN 7-5324-3365-X
This novel portrays the life of contemporary middle school students, with interesting and moving stories and humorous narration. The characters all have distinct personality.

Chinese Classics Enlightenment -- A Dream of the Red Mansion (Pinyin Edition)
Beijing: Beijing Publishing House, 2004. Size: 184×130 mm; 158 pages.
ISBN 7-5310-1071-3
This series of books contain the essence of the four Chinese classics that are suitable for children, thus narrowing the distance between masterpieces and the kids. The All Men Are Brothers tells what justice is, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms tells what wisdom is, A Dream of the Red Mansion tells what true passion is, and Monkey King tells what persistence is.

100,000 Whys: New Century Edition (11 Vols)
Chief editor: Lu Jiaxi
Shanghai: Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 2003. Size: 184×130 mm; 2,500 pages; with 1 CD.
ISBN 7-5324-5650-1
This is a new version of the popular 100,000 Whys. The key word index is attached to each of the 11 volumes. Each volume comes with a compact disk.

Pure as Crystal (Ming Xiaoxi Series for Girls, I)
Ming Xiaoxi
Beijing: New World Press, 2004. 208 pages; with illustrations.
ISBN 7-80187-229-0
This is the first novel of the Ming Xiaoxi Series. These maiden works of cartoon style novels tell campus love stories of the idol time and have won over numerous readers when they first appeared online. The characters in the novels have many fans who even discuss among themselves which character will make the best lover.

Sunshine in Winter (Ming Xiaoxi Series for Girls, II)
Ming Xiaoxi
Beijing: New World Press, 2004. 185 pages; with illustrations.
ISBN 7-80187-230-4
This is the second novel of the Ming Xiaoxi Series. It tells a love triangle between a brilliant girl and two boys, which begins on the very day she enters the Guangyu College.

Unprecedented Children's Stories (Ming Xiaoxi Series for Girls, III)
Ming Xiaoxi
Beijing: New World Press, 2004. 185 pages; with illustrations.
ISBN 7-80187-231-2
This is the third novel of the Ming Xiaoxi Series. For two months the series have been on the list of bestsellers at the Beijing Xidan Bookstore, the Beijing News newspaper and sina.com, and very popular among teenagers.

Monkey King (Illustrated Edition)
Beijing: Beijing Publishing House, 2004. Size: 184×162 mm; 46 pages.
ISBN 7-5301-1180-9
This book is especially designed for kids, with interesting stories, easy language and beautiful paintings. The stories include: the birth of the Monkey King, the Great Sage Equaling the Heaven, the Monkey King's borrowing treasure from the Dragon King, revolting against the Heaven, fighting the Corpse Fiend thrice and battling wits with the Buddha, the Pig's moving the Monkey King through his goodness, the Tang Priest and his disciples, the true and false Monkey Kings, and the Monkey King's making three attempts to borrow the plantain fan from the Princess Iron Fan.

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