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Tibet 2004 - The Year in Review

General Economy

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

GDP for 2004 was 21.15 billion yuan, up 12.2% from the previous year.


GDP ratio (1st, 2nd and tertiary industries)

The primary industry yielded an value added of 4.33 billion yuan, 4.9% more than that of the previous year; the secondary industry, 5.76 billion yuan, a growth of 17.4%; the tertiary industry, 11.06 billion yuan, a growth of 12.8%. The proportion of the three industries is 20.5: 27.2: 52.3.


Revenue and expenditure

Regional revenue was 1.20 billion yuan, an increase of 19.5% over the previous year. Regional expenditure was 13.61 billion yuan, an increase of 16.8%

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

CPI was up 2.7% from the previous year.

Investment in fixed assets

Fixed asset investment was valued at 16.84 billion yuan, up by 21.5% from the previous year.

Major Industries*


In 2004, the region’s total agricultural output value was 2.66 billion yuan, an increase of 2.0% from the previous year.


The industrial added value was 1.54 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6%.


Its added value was 4.22 billion yuan, up by 18.1%.



The annual volume of goods handled was 2.88 million tons, up by 2.9% from the previous year. The annual passenger flow reached 3.39 million, an increase of 4.2%.

Postal services

The annual turnover of postal operations totaled 100 million yuan, up by 7.5% from the previous year.


The annual turnover of the telecommunications sector totaled 1.25 billion yuan, up by 40.6% from the previous year.


The annual turnover from retail sales reached 6.37 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3% from the previous year.


Revenue from tourism totaled 1.53 billion yuan, up by 47.7% from the previous year.

Continued Effects of Market Reform

Imports & exports

The annual value of imports and exports totaled US$223.55 million, an increase of 38.7% from the previous year.

Social Undertakings


Science and Technology

The region undertook a total of 46 sci-tech projects at the national level. During the year, the regional patent office handled 62 patent applications and awarded 23 patents.



A total of 6,009 students were enrolled in colleges and universities during the year, while 2,108 students graduated. The number of students enrolled in various vocational schools during the year stood at 4,223.


The region had a total of 10 professional performing organizations, 133 cultural centers, 3 public libraries and 2 museums at the year-end.

Public health

There were a total of 1,326 medical and healthcare institutes equipped with 6,413 beds and staffed with 8,569 medical professionals and technicians at the year-end. The number of beds and the number of medical professionals and technicians per thousand people reached 2.34 and 3.13 respectively.


A total of 27 outdoor exercise stations were constructed for local residents in 2004, at a total investment of 2.4 million yuan. The sports lottery reaped sales of 9.5 million yuan, raising a total of 1.61 million yuan for the public welfare fund.

Welfare and aid

About 43,400 urban residents have been covered by a government system of guaranteeing their minimum standard of living, with a total financial input of 43.71 million yuan. Various welfare units in the region were equipped with 3,322 beds to put up 1,944 of the region’s homeless and vagrant people by the end of 2004. The welfare lottery reaped sales of 36.51 million yuan, raising 12.78 million yuan for the public welfare fund. Direct donations received from the public were 2.68 million yuan.

Population, Employment, Social Security and Living Standards


At the end of 2004, the total population of the region was 2.74 million, an increase of 35,100 from the previous year. The birth rate was 17.4‰, the mortality rate 6.2‰. The natural growth rate of the population stood at 11.2‰.


The employed population of the region at the end of 2004 stood at 1.37 million, an increase of 45,500 from the previous year-end.

Registered unemployment rate

The registered unemployment rate at the end of 2004 was 4.3%.

Social security

In 2004, insurance plans for endowments, unemployment and medical treatment covered a population of 45,200, 68,300 and 69,900 respectively. About 28,900 people got their old-age pension during the year.

Residents' income

The disposable income of urban residents was 8,200 yuan per capita, up by 1.8% from 2003. Rural residents’ per capita net income was 1,861 yuan, up 10.1%.


*China's major industries come under three broad categories, the 1st, 2nd and tertiary industries. The 1st industry is broadly defined as the Agriculture Industry. The 2nd industry is the Manufacturing Industry, which comprises sectors such as mining, water, power and gas, and construction. The tertiary industry can be described as the Services Industry that consists of sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, information and education.

(China.org.cn July 12, 2005)

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