Garbage Treatment Projects at Three Gorges

The government of Chongqing Municipality,the largest metropolis in western China,will allocate four billion yuan in the next ten years for the disposal of garbage dumped at the Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area by local residents and industrial firms.

The funds will be raised through three channels --investment from the central government,bank loans and capital pooled by various social sectors.

The garbage disposal project will be divided into three phases.In the first phase,which will last from 2001to 2003,1.6billion Yuan will be used to build garbage treatment centers in the Three Gorges dam area and 10neighboring districts and counties.

An estimated 700million Yuan will be used during the second phase (2004-2005)to build another six garbage treatment centers.Projects to expand the local garbage disposal capacity will be carried out in the period after 2005at a cost of 1.6billion Yuan.

By 2010,the daily garbage handling capacity of the Three Gorges area will be 9,420tons,more than 95percent of the total garbage expected in the area.

The construction area of the Three Gorges dam extends 800km.The current drive will combine pollution control,clearing-up of bottom silt and afforestation,in an effort to maintain a good environment at the Three Gorges.

( 06/05/2001)

Three Gorges Project Construction Quality Emphasized