Hong Kong Still `Tourists' Paradise'

"Time"and "Fortune",two famous U.S.magazines,announced that Hong Kong is the best travel spot in Asia according to a survey.In the past three years,the number of visitors to Hong Kong increased 10 percent annually on average.

The 13 million travelers who visited Hong Kong in 2000 broke the record number and the economic benefit was HK$61.5 billion,9.4 percent more than in 1999.The increase of travelers in number and economic benefit was double the increase worldwide.

Hong Kong is praised as one of the most popular traveling spots out of 15 in the world by the World Tourism Organisation.Hong Kong is also the most popular city since it is the only city on the list.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government launched a series of projects to suit the tourism development in Hong Kong,such as improving Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade,contructing an international Mai Po Wet Land Park and plan to build another Hong Kong Convention &Exhibition Centre.The most attractive major project is the building of Hong Kong Disneyland that is 126 hectares in size with an investment of HK$14.4 billion.It will become the second Disneyland in Asia and and is expected to attract millions of visitors every year.

Selina Chow,chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board,predicts the number of visitors will increase by 7.8 percent and the economic benefit by 8.8 percent in 2001.

(Eastday.com.cn 07/02/2001)

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