Statement and Recommendations of APEC WLN Meeting

A Statement and Recommendations have been passed Friday in Beijing before the 2001 APEC Women Leaders' Network Meeting closed.

After reviewing all topics discussed during the 3-day meeting, the Statement and Recommendations emphasize the significant contributions of women to their respective economies.

It says that sustainable economic development in the region has been vigorously promoted through the unprecedented courage of women in meeting the challenges of globalization.

This has been accomplished through their efforts in seeking opportunities for employment, credit, technical training, commercial and trade cooperation, their use of science, improved and new technologies and, in particular, women's major role in small and medium enterprises.

The Statement and Recommendations recognize the impact of economic globalization on women. Economic globalization creates opportunities for women to have increased access to the information, technology, knowledge and opportunities that expand channels for women's employment, promotes broader and more substantial participation in economic development, enables women to earn higher incomes, and improves the quality of life.

However, economic globalization also results in a significant number of women accepting poorly aid, unstable jobs and harsh working conditions, and increases their vulnerability to economic and sexual exploitation. Furthermore, it widens the digital divide and makes women becoming more marginalized, thereby increasing the risk of poverty, particular in rural areas.

The document commends APEC leaders and ministers for their consistent and continuing efforts in implementing the Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC as reflected in their policies and measures, including clear directives to SOM and working groups.

The document reaffirms to work closely with APEC in their endeavors to achieve sustainable economic growth with equality, particularly through the implementation of the recommendations of the WLN.

It also gives proposals on the four topics of women entrepreneurs and world markets, the establishment of partnerships with women-managed small and medium enterprises (SMEs) women's role in science, technology and sustainable development, and gender mainstreaming into APEC processes and activities.

The Statement and Recommendations supports Mexico as chair of the APEC WLN Meeting 2002 and as host of the Second Ministerial Meeting on Women in 2002.

The Statement and Recommendations will be submitted to the 8th APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, and then submitted to the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting to be held in October in Shanghai.

(People's Daily 08/24/2001)

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